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A follower & marriage enabled NPC, located in Solitude, in the only shop that she could ever call \"home\". Redhead who favours the bow over the blade. She\'s highly customized based on a number of epic mods already out on the Nexus, so please review the REQUIRED COMPONENTS before you install and activate my follower mod.

Permissions and credits
Sarharien the Red - v0.9 (August 6, 2012)

A follower & marriage enabled NPC, modelled after a mix between myself (at a much MUCH
younger age), and the brave Scottish heroine from the latest animated blockbuster by
those mousey-peoples. ;)


Who doesn't think about crafting their own "super-hero" likeness to put into Skyrim?
Especially when you're a natural redhead AND from Scottland? I mean, come on... it was
just begging to be done! Thus was born, Sarharien - super me! LOL >.<

I'm still figuring out the Creation Kit and all it's features, so I don't profess this mod
to be anything other than my little creation project for self-enjoyment. If you like it,
bonus for you! Either way, I appreciate the opportunity to share on the Nexus, and look
forward to your feedback.


A follower & marriage enabled NPC, located in Solitude, in the only shop that she could
ever call "home". Redhead who favours the bow over the blade. She's highly customized
based on a number of epic mods already out on the Nexus, so please review the REQUIRED
COMPONENTS before you install and activate my follower mod.

Sarharien comes with some enchanted weapons and jewelry, along with clothing items that
*YOU* can decide how to enchant, by using any workbench (but not at Skyforge). Given
her high degree of Marksman ability and her tendency to favour a bow over her blade, I
would recommend archery/marksman or health/stamina enchantments to augment her abilities.

Sarharien is flagged "ESSENTIAL" in this version. Those of you familiar with the console
commands or Creation Kit, can probably figure out how to turn this "off" if you would
prefer her to be able to die.


1) "ApachiiSkyHair" v1.4 or higher by Apachii
Must be above my mod in your load list. Incredible epic hair of awesomeness!
Download from SkyrimNexus:

2) "Improved Freckles Skyrim" by missjennabee
This wonderful mod author totally GETS IT when it comes to freckles. I love her
work, and can't get enough of it! (She does awesome screenshots too!)
Download from SkyrimNexus:

3) "The Chronicles of Steel -Skyrim- Realswords NEXUS EXCLUSIVE" by Waalx & ShinGouki
Okay, other than a REALLY long mod-name (LOL) this great addon has some of the
BEST arrow/quiver graphics that I have yet to see for Skyrim. Of course, being
a bowchick, Sarharien uses only the *BEST* arrows.
Download from SkyrimNexus:

4) "Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection" by Isilmeriel
Since my original MMO namesake started her life in LOTRO-land, I found it fitting
to equip her with some wonderful weapons from this great mod.
Download from SkyrimNexus:

5) "Scarves of Skyrim" by Natterforme
This incredible collection of DOZENS of scarves is an incredible, often lore-
friendly clothing mod to spice up your characters. Personally, I love the
(oddly named) "Lumberjack" scarf for Sarharien, as it most closely represents
a Scottish tartan design.
Download from SkyrimNexus:

6) "Pearly-white Dress" by Nayhaan
(** Mod not required but HIGHLY recommended **)
I'm sure many of you out there agree, that the default "Wedding Dress" in Skyrim
is not the greatest representation of something beautiful that a bride would
want to wear. I mean, yes, the gown is "fancy", but no more so than what you
see on other "fine clothed" NPCs in the game. However, this incredible WEDDING
DRESS REPLACER MOD, provides a beautiful, pearl-accented, white wedding dress
into Skyrim, and one that I found suited Sarharien's red hair and tartan scarf
just perfectly. Although the mod author, site and file are Russian, many of
us have tested the mod with the English version of Skyrim, and it works just
fine (AFAIK texture filenames that are being replaced are the same in every
language version of Skyrim).
Download from
Filename link partway down the page: ArwenWBDress.7z

7) "Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-" by Caliente **SLIM VERSION**
(** Mod not required but recommended to match screenshots **)
I'm not a huge fan of nudity mods, but I am appreciative of mods that provide
some reasonably improved representation of the female form as it pertains to
my particular taste. Personally I have installed and am using Caliente's
**SLIM VERSION** of CBBE, as it is most compatible with a number of clothing
mods that I enjoy, and is not "over-the-top-anime-ridiculously-proportioned".
Again, just my oppinion on the matter, and just letting you know what I've used
during creation of this follower mod. I have not tested the scarves or white
wedding dress replacer on any other body/skeleton mods.
Download from SkyrimNexus:
**SLIM VERSION can be found inside the main mod as an optional set of folders
and files to install after the main file installation.


- First release. Expecting bugs and glitches to be reported, though she's worked fine
for me in game so far!


- Working with another mod author on a unique new bow. Stay tuned!
- Other plans unknown & undecided at this time - will review all feedback with an open mind.

This project is primarily for MY enjoyment, so your suggestions, pains, desires
or complaints may not always result in changes. ** Use at your own risk. **


Okay - let's just all get on the same page here. I'm not perfect - well, Canadian, natural
redhead of Scottish origins - so close, but still, NOT perfect. The things I create, that
WE create as a community, are not perfect either. Neither is the wonderful Skyrim game from
Bethesda (gasp!). Our intentions as authors and creators however, is to get as close as we
can, with the tools and knowledge and skills available to us. Keep this in mind when using
any content for any game, along with a healthy dose of patience and tollerance, and you'll
enjoy the journey a lot more.

I do NOT guarantee my mod or its contents to work on any computer but my own, nor do I
guarantee its performance or impact on any environment other than what I've got installed
myself. I have done my best to ensure it functions as I have advertised in this readme,
having spent more than 10 hours of development and playtesting time with my mod content.

I do NOT promise to respond to every bug, every request for enhancement, every comment nor
every email I receive regarding this mod. I am not intentionally going to ignore them
either, but please realize that I have a life, a full time job, and two wonderful teenage
daughters that keep me busy. I game and mod for fun, and take the time out of my life when
I can manage. I will try my best to keep up with comments and bugs, and to the best of my
ability and with what time I have available, I will endeavor to update this mod over time.

I do NOT expect everyone to love this mod. I made it with myself in mind, and I completely
understand that YOU are not all perfect, Canadian, natural redheads. ;) I'll just go with
an expectation that I will love this mod myself - anyone else that finds joy in it, is
icing on my cake! :)



If you DON'T install the required components, this MOD will likely:
- cause errors during Skyrim loading
- cause CTD exits during gameplay
- cause my NPC to appear naked/unclothed
* Do yourself a favour, install the required components, or DON'T USE MY MOD.


1) Extract my RAR file into your Skyrim\Data Folder, maintaining the folder structures,
or use NMM.

2) Please install ALL the *REQUIRED COMPONENTS* listed earlier in this readme file.

3) Run Skyrim Launcher, and enter "DATA FILES" option, ensuring that this newly added
"sarharien.esp" is activated for loading. It *MUST* be loaded *AFTER* all the
*REQUIRED COMPONENTS* mentioned earlier in this readme.

4) Start Skyrim, and enjoy!
**RECOMMEND you immediately make a new save game & re-load the new save before seeking
the new follower out. Additionally, if you are already at your max number of
followers and/or already married, then those dialogue options will likely *NOT* show
up for you when you meet her.**

TO UNINSTALL (gasp! /sadface)

1) If you installed it manually, delete these files from your Skyrim folder:


2) If you installed with another method, follow that method's uninstallation instructions,
or manually uninstall as noted above.

* Don't worry, I won't hold it against you - but I do thank you for trying it out anyways!


1) Sometimes, Sarharien won't initially show you all her inventory. Usually this can be
fixed after you trade her something. Just re-ask her to show her your inventory, and
the second time, everything should show up. *ALTERNATIVELY*, those of you using the
"UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul", can just ask her: "You could dress better...",
after which time she will correctly show you all her inventory items.

If you find issues, be so kind as to post in the comments on Skyrim Nexus for this file.
I'm not a perfect modder - I expect errors to come up for some people. You don't have the
same system as me, nor the same settings, so don't expect the same behaviour in all
circumstances! :) Be patient and understanding - I have done my best to avoid problems
while allowing for a clean uninstall.

"Patience is not learned in a weekend." ~Anon


I have personally installed and am using the following mods along with my follower mod,
and do not presently suffer from any conflicts or CTDs (I have UFO loading AFTER my mod):

via Skyrim Nexus:
- 83Willows 101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug
- A Classier BB Luxury Suite
- ApachiiSkyHair
- Auto Unequip Arrows
- Bandit Raids
- Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite
- Better Bows
- Better Circlets HQ V1o1
- Cloaks of Skyrim
- Glowing Ore veins 300
- Improved Freckles Skyrim
- JaySuS Swords
- Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
- Matherian Viking Shields Set - MVSS
- Modders Resource Pack
- Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins
- Nicos Craftable Arrows
- RANs Eybrow Replacer 01-08
- RANs Eyeliner Replacer
- Scarves of Skyrim
- See You Sleep by Madmole
- Skyrim HD - 2K Textures
- The Ashen - Oriental Beauty Race
- The Chronicles of Steel - Skyrim- Realswords NEXUS EXCLUSIVE
- The Eyes Of Beauty
- Tribunal robes set
- UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
- Unique Booze Bottles HD
- WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
- Wearable Lanterns
* plus numerous add-on armors & follower NPC mods

via Steam Workshop:
- City Houses Light / Shadows Fix
- Complete Skyforge
- Enhanced High-Level Gameplay
- Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
- Legible Road Sings High Res
- Open Face Guard Helms
- Realistic Map + Roads !
- Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
- Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
- The Cartographers Map Markers
- Vicious Weapon Pack

THANKS & CREDITS TO OTHERS (I highly endorse and recommend all mods mentioned below!!!)

Thanks to...

- apachii: For his "ApachiiSkyHair" - an incredible mod giving us amazing new hairstyles
for our NPCs! Highly endorsed!

- missjennabee: For her "Improved Freckles Skyrim" - which provides a number of new and
realistic freckle options. She's also a wonderful screenshot/wallpaper
artist - check out her work.

- Waalx & ShinGouki: For their "Chronicles of Steel" mod, adding a wonderful and varied
collection of weapons (and most importantly for me - quivers and
arrows!) into Skyrim.

- Isilmeriel: For his "Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection" mod, which brings into Skyrim
a great collection of LOTR-based weapons to which I have a personal
fondness for.

- Natterforme: For his "Scarves of Skyrim" mod - an incredibly detailed and varried
collection of scarves and mufflers to suit nearly every need! Many of
them are lore-friendly colour schemes, and are a wonderful compliment
to a cold or blustery day.

And an additional thanks to others behind the "Scarves" mod:
-KrimsynKane for allowing Natterforme to port his Scarves! mod to Skyrim.
-Tona for permitting in his/her terms of use to allow Natterforme to
freely modify his/her material with proper credit and thus allow him to
port Tona's scarves, mufflers, and boas to Skyrim.
-Kikaimegami for her contributions in texture work on the original
version of Scarves!.
-Lady N for her contributions in texture work on the original version
of Scarves!.

- Nayhaan: For his "Pearly-white Dress" wedding dress replacer mod. This dress is SO
BEAUTIFUL - wonderfully detailed and a joy to put on my characters.
You can find his mod here:

- Caliente: For his CBBE optional "Slim CBBE" mod:

- j-u-i-c-e: For his great online tutorial on creating a custom follower/marriage
partner. Easy to follow instructions that take you through the process.

- Everyone willing to try out my mod, even if you don't like it. Feedback is appreciated!

- Skyrim Nexus, for their website & services hosting our mods. Happily a premium member!

- Numerous fellow modders who have posted on Skyrim Nexus: Thanks to this incredible
community of helpful, talkative, descriptive and talented people, people like me have a
chance to create something wonderful in a game we all love. *THANK YOU*

- Bethesda, for their great game, Skyrim.

- All my peeps back on Dwarrowdelf in that "other" game, who are patiently awaiting my
return. Sar the Red will be back soon!

* My apologies if I've forgotten to mention anyone who has unknowingly contributed to my
mod through your own impressive material. I have tried to carefully keep track of all
those individuals whom I have gleaned information and knowledge from (and occasionally
your wonderful content), but know I might be missing some people. Sorry! xoxo


- Please refrain from using the content of my mod, without first researching & contacting
the above mentioned original authors for their great content. Their SkyrimNexus pages
are normally quite informative as to what they will allow, or not allow with regards
to the usage of their mods in your own mod.

- If you're ever unclear, I find it best to contact the original mod author directly.
Most are quite reasonable in their response times to your inquiries.

- This content was intended for use in Skyrim, please keep it there.

- If I have incorrectly credited or (gasp!) inadvertently ommitted any mod authors who
have contributed to this work, please let me know so I can update my readme and

0.9 - (2012-Aug-06) First public release posted to Skyrim Nexus. Let the feedback begin!

First public release posted to SkyrimNexus.

end of file
<3 Sar