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Complete makeover of all inhabitants in Whiterun hold.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Whiterun.

For me, Whiterun is the City of Spring. The flowers bloom, the Gildergreen grows, children play in the street. The people wear the colours of the season; pale greens, bright blues, soft yellows and browns. Fine, thin linen, sturdy leather and finely spun wool make up the garments, the jewellry is simple and elegant.

The Nords of Whiterun wear their tartan with pride, showing without saying where they stem from - Rorikstead, Riverwood or the fair Whiterun City itself. In the taverns, you find wenches proudly showing off the same tartan to any world-weary travellers.

The clans of Whiterun have their own tartans, of course - You can see at a glance if the pretty girl in the market is a Battle-Born or a Grey-Mane. Up in Dragonsreach, even the Jarl proudly displays his hold colours.

So welcome to Whiterun, where there is always Spring.



Because without these people, this mod would never have existed. You are all amazing people. Thank you for sharing your talent, resources and advice with me.
For details on who contributed what, please see the “THANKYOU.PDF”-files.

Alcohol Swabs * Alunder * Apachii * Ashara/SydneyB
asianboy345 * Bluehold Studio * Enmasse Entertainment 
BaronDavid * Caliente * Cherry * Chris57 * FavoredSoul 
Cleanz0r * Dimon99 * Hoamaii * GemlingQueen * Imperator3
Neovinci * Petrov * Ranaline * Rosemaryr * Severus616 * taro8 
testiger2 * tiwa44 * White Shadow * zzjay

Special thanks
MT, who taught me how to bring depth to textures
HN, for listening, feedback, support, nagging, encouragement, and not giving up on me when I did.
Everyone on the Skyrim Nexus Mods Facebook group who provided encouragement, feedback and admiration when I posted screenshots



Skyrim * Dawnguard * Dragonborn * Hearthfire
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP)
Ranaline's RS Children's Overhaul (esm and files, no esp)
Mods (master files only, no files required)
ApachiiSkyHairs.esm *  ApachiiHairFemales.esm * ApachiiHairMales.esm
(masters only)



Please be warned that this is a BIG MOD! The creator is not responsible if it’s hell on your CPU - only you know your computer.

I recommend you get Nexus Mod Manager or Skyrim Mod Organizer to do the installation for you. Run LOOT to make sure the .ESM’s are on the top of your list and ASNPCWhiterun.esp as far down as possible, preferably at the end.



March 13th, 2017: various bug fixes,
added the warriors of Jorrvaskr
March 1st, 2017: initial release



Q: Which bodymod did you use?
A: I started out with UNP but then I started playing around with Bodyslide, so… actually that’s a VERY good question.

Q: Can I get this for UNPB/Sevenbase/Vanilla/OtherBodyMod?
A: *throws Bodyslide in your general direction* attaboy/girl/dragon!

Q: What size are the textures?
A: clothes 2k, jewellry 1k. Anything above that makes my game lag so bad I can’t play, so I don’t make it.

Q: hey Adia, why only using other people's meshes?
A: Why should I spend an obscene amount of time trying to invent the wheel when I can steal... err, borrow... someone elses cart?

Q: Why are the girls so covered I want slutty girls :(
A: I don't want half-naked girls. If you want something more revealing, you're on the wrong mod page. This also applies to anyone wanting bigger boobs. You ain’t getting them from me.

Q: What's with the colours?
A: It’s springtime in Whiterun and I have watched Emil in Lönneberga about 15 times too many.

Q: What's with all the plaid?
A: It's called Tartan. Hold Tartan. Plaid is not tartan, tartan is not plaid.

Q: OMG why are there guys wearing skirts!?
A: Have you heard of a place called Scotland?

Q: What's Skyrim to do with Scotland?
A: Nothing more than Adia Star thinking a certain orc would be cute in a kilt (he is). It snowballed from there.

Q: Are the kilt-wearers PROPER Nords?
A: Err…. officially. They WILL be in-game as soon as I figure out how to rig the kilt so they don’t flash half the city when they walk.

A: ATM I’m thinking ‘gtfo you dumbass, this is MY mod.’

Q: The Nords aren't Scots.
A: Five points to Hufflepuff for stating the obvious.

Q: Can you expand this mod to include <insert custom village here>?
A: I'll ask the author if I can redress their NPCs, but you might have to wait a bit.

Q: Can I remesh/reupload this to <insert site here>?
A: No.

Q: This mod like makes my game super-laggy!
A: Well boohoo, I’m sorry your feelings are hurt, princess.