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Erzsebet is a Combat Sorceress Follower; She uses Chain Lightning, Dual Flurry, Raise Corpses, Candlelight and Iron Flesh and also has healing added. She is a calculated rank at level 40 and will continue to level with the player to level 100. She is non-essential just to make things more interesting.

Permissions and credits
Erzsebet The Wicked

My first attempt at a standalone follower. Erzsebet (Hungarian for Elizabeth) the Wicked initially started out as a Vampire but I decided later to make her a Combat Sorceress. I wanted her to look beautiful but at the same time present the image of a strong woman that could easily order you to lick her boots with a smile. She is calculated at level 40 auto level on past that to 200. She uses most of her spells as well as Dual Flurry and a couple of other perks I added to her. I have seen her use everything but fast healing, so far her combat mechanics appear flawless. She prefers light armor too!

She is located in Whiterun in the Bannered Mare and should appear nude when you find her.
I have left her clothing to your own devices but she looks pretty darn fine in black.

The only required file is ApachiiSkyHair. Please make sure you have that downloaded.

For her to appear as she does in my images use the following mods;
Bella's Better Faces with Makeup version 1 and CBBEv3 Curvy with Navetseas CBBEv3 body texture. Her eyes are light grey by Natural Eyes. Her armor is Hentai Mixed and Fur Armor from A Sexy Little Apparel Replacer. Of course you can use anything you want. ;)

Not much else to say about her other than download and go! Have fun with her and if you like her please endorse me!



p.s. Please let me know of any bugs you find. Like I stated before this is a first go at a standalone for me, thanks again!