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Housecarls should be young manly men, ready to fulfill their mistress' wishes. This mod basically turns Rayya into a man and tweaks both Valdimar and Gregor. Oh and Faendal. Never liked he was an old dude.

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Eye Candy Hearthfire HousePeople


Housecarl: Karrod
Karrod is a Redguard that was raised in the north. Having lived all his life in Skyrim he cannot help but talk and even think like a Nord! This helpful Housecarl is more than willing to fulfill his mistress' commands
Bard: Llewelyn the Nightingale
After a visit to The Face Sculptor in Riften, Llewelyn returns with a more youthful look, but with the same eager disposition to please

Housecarl: Valdimar
A wig, a lifting and voila! No more old dude Housecarl! Say hello to the young version of Mr Valdimar the Nord.
Bard: Soniron the Reformed
Once imprisoned for stealing young women's hearts, Soniron now seeks to redeem himself by becoming an honest labourer! Just make sure to count your silver before leaving your house just in case.

Housecarl: Krogo
Few things say "bodyguard" and "will smash you to bits" like an orc, so Jarl Skald is proud to present the first Orc Housecarl ever! He might be a bit silent sometimes, but that's because he is always vigilant. He does relax a bit if he is turned into a steward and chat you until your ears are full of Orc nonsense.
Bard: Telvis the Pelvis
Who says the nords are the only good bards out there? Meet Telvis, the dunmer bard that will make you want to move your pelvis!

Skyrim latest version

Latest Release 1.1

*Fixed* The FaceTint issue! I forgot to fix Faendal's so he'll come next! Fixed also Karrod's voice, even though he now talks as a Nord. Krogo doesn't talk much unless you make him a steward, then he can't shut up. And yes, I forgot to take a screen of Karrod.

Release 1.0 [b]
This is totally my first attempt at modding and I already know there are a couple of issues, but I shall fix them as soon as I learn how to (or simply change what doesn't work for something that does). The mod is inspired by one of my favourite mods ever, the Hot Male Housecarls by urshi . There I was playing the Hearthfire DLC only to find a woman as housecarl in Falkreath. Unacceptable. So I went ahead and did this little mod here to change that.

Since I also don't like the idea of female bards in my poorly constructed mansions with workbenches I always forget to remove I also changed them into male versions. One of them is a dunmer I think. I haven't really fleshed their stories yet so patience, all will come in good time.

[b]Known Issues

Karrod (Rayya's replacement) Face is in a different tint. No idea how to fix this yet but I plan to google answers and have that fixed soon. Also he doesn't talk. Guess the only voice possible for male housecarls is MaleNord so I'll have to change it to that.
The Orc Follower. I don't even have the Dawnstar house yet so I don't even know if this worked or not but I changed Gregor into an Orc. I totally have to get around and see if that worked too.
The Bards. I should have visited my houses before getting here and uploading this, but I just wanted to share with the world. Is that so wrong? I modded this for fun, and half the fun is finding out if it worked or not