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Are you tierd of skinny looking Onmund? Then this mod is just for you!

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Onmund by Pahnrak

This is my remake of Onmund. When i was playing skyrim of the 1st time, i was looking forward to Mage story line and it's followers.... But i was really disappointed when i saw them... Horribly looking Khajitt, weird-like creature that was supoused to be a dark elf and the ugliest creature i've ever seen-Onmund. His voice was nice, backstory was fine also.

But this mod is not just about look. When i was traveling with him, i've discoverd ONE BIG ISSUE. He was always using Chain Lightning as his main spell. And that was really annoying becouse everyone attacked him (guards, other followers, etc.) So i removed this spell and give him firebolts instead. I've also added Candlelight spell to his spell list, so he will cast it everytime, when he's under attack in a dark places.

I hope you'll all like him! :)

And remember, that he wont have this body, it depends on what you're using ;).




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