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3 followers from my presets

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Tamiko Followers Unp

A friend named Sirbrotherbob helped me alot to make 3 of my presets into followers, a big thanks goes out to him,

Thank you Sirbrotherbob.

The 3 followers are imperials well one is a half breed of an epic elf and a imperial, they all have different looks and are different classes, archer, mage and warrior, they can be found in 3 differnt locations, solitude, whiterun and Morthal.

These are stand alone so you shouldnt need other mods to make them work, the skin is from epic elves, great sking which i like to use here is the link to the page Epic Elves Race. A big thanks goes out to zzjay for allowing me to use the skin, 

Thank you zzjay.

The hair is the usual apachiihair so yet another big thank you to them,

THank you Apachii

Now to the followers

1st is Mya, an imperial archer who can be found in the drunkenskeever in whiterun, she comes with the basic armour

2nd is Lyandria, an imperial warrior, she can be found inside the blue palace in solitude.

3rd is Lin Sui Lei is an imperial mage who is in Moorside Inn in Morthal,

All 3 have different features and ive been using them for months with not problems, they are from my presets which can also be seen on nexus, i hope you like these followers, all 3 can heal and wont set of any traps. 

If you like them and you are willing please upload screenshots of them in your game. I would like to see them, i took my screenshots without an enb so people can see them raw with no enb covering up.

These mods i do, i do for myself to use in the game, i share them so others can use them, mine are free as i think you should never charge for something you do to improve a game you love, please dont upload to steam and pass it of as yours to sell, i wont sell and i wont allow others to sell these mods, tamikonelf dont sell mods,  never has never will, to the other people who's work has gone into helping me with this follower mod a major thank you as without you there would be no mod.