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Follower of Mind Powers, Playable Mind Weaver Race, Large Thalmor Battle Included, and a final reward to bolster Silnia's courage (making her fearless in battle). Be sure to read the article section.

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Princess Silnia Halbren is a follower capable of destructive telekinetic powers. Whether it be driving currents of wind into your foes, pacifying wild life, or mentally blasting enemies from afar, Silnia is a unique and deadly ally. At times she may lack courage and flee, but uncover her father's fate and unlock her unwavering courage.

Quest Summary
Seek the Halbren Warrior along the road as you escape Helgen. He holds a note vital to your search for Silnia and her plight.
Join forces with her and be sure to look in her inventory for her
report. Progress and strengthen yourself to face an onslaught of level
30 and 50 Thalmor Vindicators occupying Castle Halbren as you fight
along side a desperate army of Halbren Warriors. Be sure to loot the
level 80 Thalmor Vindicator Commander and seek out King Halbren on the
battlefield for satisfactory rewards and bloodshed. WARNING: The battle
will be difficult for even a level 50 character.

1. Do not attempt to fight her... you will die... most likely. lol.
2. You can marry her, BUT BE WARNED! If you have not saved her home from mortal peril, a Thalmor assassin may crash your wedding resulting in the "Attend your wedding" As a fail.
3. New file required to utilize a handful of the updated spell versions of mind weaver race
4. The final battle utilizes a vast and large number of soldiers on the battlefield. Some computers will not be able to handle the battle and may cause your game to crash.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you start a new file, a letter from King Halbren will be in your inventory. A total of 5 questline notes are found throughout the land of Skyrim. If you find King Halbren you can retrieve any copies of any notes you never obtained in previous files from the older versions.

DOWNLOAD NOTES: It is easier to download the file manually and drag the file to the C:\Users\Program files x86 > Steam > Steam Apps > Common > Skyrim > Data >

<<<<<<<<<<2018 Version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1.The newest version Replaces Jordis the Sword Maiden Housecarl of Solitude as a means to make acquiring her more difficult. Lore friendly changed notes in game included.
2. New Mind Blast AOE ability for Silnia. (If her health drops below 40% any further attacks have a 15% chance to unleash a random number of mental blast waves that will stagger and fear the vacinity.)
3. A few pesky Thamor Vindicator enemies have been added to random locations within the world. This includes assassins with custom enchantments, lvl 30 solidiers, and powerful Thalmor Mages.
4. More testing needs to be done, but... It would seem Silnia's AOE blast has a rare chance to Tigger the Mind Weaver Race's Once a Day Power to control all NPC humanoids for a time. (I've only seen this once in an hour of testing. Blue sparkles overhead of controled enemies.)
<<<<<<<<<<2018 ver 1.1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1. Mind Weaver Race ability to see in the dark now properly senses enemies and allies within the vicinity through walls.
2. Mass control once a day power and (attached ability to Silnia) have a 15 second duration and an extremely small control radius do to its previous overpowered nature.
3. SAVE FILE INCLUDED! You now have the option to play as Elsana aka Silnia's sister.
<<<<<<<<<<2018 ver 1.2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1. Multiple new Mind Weaver spells for players and small tweaks to both the player and Silnia's spells.
2. Do to Mind Weaver Race unable to acquire the first note from King Halbren a permanent message of sorts can be found in one of the magic tabs.
<<<<<<<<<<2018 ver 1.3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1. Newly added Mental Stun Illusion spell to the Mind Weaver Race. Disorients targets at close range. Has a 50% chance to stun targets and a 8% chance to paralyze. Useful for getting out of a tight bind.
2. Silnia's mind reave also possess the 50% stun and 8% paralyze chance included.
3. Several new spell visual effect changes have been made.
4. Re-balancing of magicka cost have been made to several spells. Gust is cheaper. Torrent and Singularity cost extensively more. (Torrent requires enough magicka to even activate it for enough time to actually do damage and launch a full projectile effect)
5. Psychic Senses have been changed to increase sense life range and include a minor slow time effect.
<<<<<<<<<<2019 Ver>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1. Almost all spells have been tweaked. Telekinetic Torrent and Singularity have new traits and casting animations. Singularity now uses a slow moving and ominous looking projectile.
2. Silnia now possesses a book that will allow you to learn how to craft tomes to teach you the various Mind Weaver spells if you do not wish to play as the Mind Weaver Race. (Once learned the craftable tome recipes can be created under the MISC tab of a blacksmithing station)

FINAL UPDATE and what is included.

Follower Princess Silnia: Beautiful Nord woman with deadly alteration and illusion abilites. Capable of blasting away groups of enemies and bending their wills but be warned. She is not a natural born fighter and may flee from battle.

Mind Weaver Race Included: Nord race of psychic, telepathic, and telekinetic prowess made possible through an ancient blood line. Descendants of Talos and Mephala. Variations of mental mind push abilities to throw, fear, calm, frenzy, and control your opponents. Faster Magikca Regeneration but far less carry weight.

Large Castle Island Battlefield Included: Follow the notes and discover the location of Castle Halbren and drive out the Thalmor Vindicators.