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Added: 21/05/2014 - 03:09AM
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Last updated at 7:58, 12 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 3:09, 21 May 2014

This is a facial replacer for everyone's favorite companion, Serana.
Someone requested that I upload a downloadable version of a photo that I uploaded, so I obliged. I couldn't find any other mods that altered Serana in a way that I liked, so I took it upon myself to do so. I tried to make her appear beautiful while also looking like she was royalty (Because she is dammit)
I really can't take too much credit though, as this is a mash-up of some brilliant mods and their authors here on the Nexus.

I've also added a standalone version if you'd like Serana to look like the screenshots. It uses CBBE body with the default underwear. (To change to nude, simply put CBBE compatible body meshes in DatameshesactorscharacterNoble Serana)

This is also my first file upload so if something is wrong/doesn't work, just be nice and inform me :]
(Please upload photos too, I'd like to see how she appears in other peoples' Skyrim)

Dawnguard DLC (Duh)
ApachiiSkyHair Females (included in full version of Apachii Hair) (Included a non-apachii version as well)

Detailed Lips; by Xenius
Mature Skin Texture; by Maevan2
apachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture; by Aron
Better Females by Bella; by BellaGail
SG Female Eyebrows; by Hello Santa
(all the aforementioned are used in the mod/screenshot)

Compatibility/Incompatibility/Known Issues:
It should be compatible with just about anything as it is largely standalone.
-It's compatible with any body mod shape/texture, and any face textures.
-It may be incompatible with other mods that modify Serana, to be safe, put this below such mods in your load order
-BOSS likes to put this mod higher in the load order than it should be, so if you don't see any change, then move it manually to the bottom of your load order.

Apachii Hair: For Serana's hair
SG Female Eyebrows: For her eyebrows(uses number 9)
CBBE body mod: (NSFW obviously)
Mature Skin textures: (NSFW)
Better Females Natural edition: