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Twila is a custom wife and follower that has an assassin background and class.

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I would like you to meet Twila..

Twila is a lovely lady that is well traveled, in her travels she has collected a Stalhrim Dagger from a poor fellow she was hired to kill and a vampire armor set from a vampiress that stole her last lover from her.

She can be found drinking and story-telling with the companions in Jorrvaskr...


She is primarily a melee Assassin style Lady.
Sultry Voice (Works great with Female Sultry Follower Voice Fix or Dynamic Follower Dialog neither are required though).
I use her with - Amazing Follower Tweaks.
Marriageable and Makes a great follower!
Has the Lightfoot, Backstab and Touched by Dibella perks (Did I mention she has been burned by guys a few times?).
Will level with you (Max level is set to 500).
Comes with a decent set of equipment. (Full vampiress armor set and a Stalhrim Dagger).
Face Files were generated also to prevent black face bug.



There is now a no DLC, no extras Edition!

She has a Daedric Dagger and only base Skyrim dependency. No DLC's or other files needed. Everything else is the same.

Suggested Additions:

Dynamic Follower Dialog
Amazing Follower Tweaks

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