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This version of Uthgerd is a two handed beast with no magic abilities. She still uses Uthgerd\'s original voice and dialog but she doesn\'t look like she is too old to wield a heavy two handed weapon. She\'s attractive enough to marry and is within the bounds of being lore friendly. I added a sister to Uthgerd named Asgerd.

Permissions and credits

This is my second version of Uthgerd. She is christened with the last name "Kriegswölfe", I wanted her to be a pure Nord fighting machine with a fitting last name and it is shown (with umlaut) in game. She is a two handed beast with no magic abilities. She still uses Uthgerd's original voice and dialog but she doesn't look like she is too old to wield a heavy two handed weapon and yet she's attractive enough to marry. Given her rough personality she would be a good spouse if your PC is a Rogue or Bandit type character (Edit: If you do play as a bandit I left her settings unmolested, she wont attack people unless you attack them or they attack you first, i.e. no crimes...). Her calculated level 40 versions are "very" strong and would be good in use with the Skyrim Monster Wars mod.

Edit: I added a Standalone version named Asgerd Kriegswolfe, under Miscellaneous Files Auto Level only and either Essential or Non-Essential, Blonde or Brunette.

[size= 4]
Required Files: Latest version of ApachiiSkyhair
Race: Nord
Voice: Female Commander
Hair: Dark Brown or Blonde
Eyes: Green
Weight: 100% at the scale. If you use ADEC, UNPB or CBBE bodies with BBP she should be perfect.
Height: 6'0" to 6'1"
Location: Whiterun, The Bannered Mare
Perks and Spells: Her perks are geared for two handed weapons and heavy armor use. No spells used at all!
Inventory: She is equipped with an Ebony Battleaxe, loose pocket items and a key to her house. She is nude without armor so you can outfit her with whatever you wish
Properties: She is available non-essential or essential and is marriageable.

Optional Files: To make her look like she does in my images
I used Bella's Better Females, Makeup variant 1 and her No Shine on her.

Darker Neater Brows by Caliente
Dirt to Beauty Marks by Caliente

Her body in my images is CBBEv3 main body with Navetseas CBBE 1.8 body "Muscle Map Vers. 2"; and Glossy Skin for all female bodymod - v05 - No Gloss textures. (She can be used with whatever body you prefer)
High Resolution Scars by Xenius

She is wearing a mashup I created of Mak's Remodeled CBBE Armor and Vanilla kit. This was done by using the console to add the various armor pieces to her inventory. Type in console: help arms, pauldron, belt, bikini etc... (She will appear nude in your game!)
17 Craftable Pantys for CBBEv3M by goTha
Expanded Jewelry Crafting by lautasantenni

Note: Since she is created using the NPC Editor I painstakingly removed each and every extra Apachii hair file from her. There should be no extra hairs in the "showracemenu" with this mod in use.

[size= 4]***ApachiiSkyHair 1.5 is REQUIRED! for the Main Versions Apachii_Sky_Hair_Female 1.3 is REQUIRED for the Variant Versions***[/size]

[size= 3]Thanks for checking out my mod and please endorse her if you like her! :)