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Zooey Deschanel Face Preset

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THIS MOD: Zooey Deschanel Face Preset.
i know it is not perfect but is the closest i got to zooey deschanel face,
any way it is a starting point at least for any one that would like to recreate her beautiful  face.

mods needed:
- race menu.  
- the eyes of beauty.
- apachii sky hair females.
- SG texture uncompressed  /recommended: skin textures can change appearance dramatically, they come with painted shadows, dirt...

how to use:
1- pick race: nord/breton/imperal.
2- pick sex female *or male if you want to laugh.
3- load preset.
4- import head sculpt. *otherwise it would look blocky weird.

by V.H.A.L THOR took me me serious time face sculping guys hope some body likes and uses it = ), i will be updating this file for sure until it is an exact clone, even if it takes me months of lazy work lol. 

Other mods used for screenshot:
- seasons of skyrim ENB full true HDR
- SG texture uncompressed  /face textures
- enhaced light and FX
- apachii sky hair realistic textures

Upcoming changes (I will take my time to do it)

1- Hair, I will edit the hair since it is a mess right now, I was worried more about the general shape and similaritie, not details, also it is a real pain cus the massive amount of polygons.

2 - minimal face retouches, I will try to polish her face without changing  what she looks already. 

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