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Create the 99 spell tomes to summon the 99 females warriors!

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Ladies Conjuration 

First thing first, sorry for my poor English :D, anyways

This mod adds as the name says, new conjurations spells to the world of Skyrim and they are all humans, females to be more specific. The ideia is
to have summoned worriors for each armor in the game, I decided to put two "Ladies" for each armor, one is a melee warrior and the other one
a missile warrior, because I like to have follower or in this case summoned warriors to support me in battle with rains of arrows or magic spells 
or, me supporting while my summoned melee warriors, stops the enemies from getting closer to me.

Spell Tomes:

The tomes are created from a special table added by this mod, you can only create one spell tome of each warrior, in order to use it you must loot two dead bodies.



-(x1)Mage(frost, flame, storm)


-(x8)Guards(all the guard hold except for Windhelm)


-(x1)royal vampire

-(x1)Miraak's disciple: Miraay
-(x1)Isran's daughter: Israna
-(x1)ulfric's daughter: Ulfria
-(x1)general Tullius's daughter: Tulliana

  • Lady Fist
  • Lady Beggar
  • Lady Prisoner
  • Lady Wedding

some spell tomes will only appear if you match certain conditions like:
  • Lady Nightingale Archer: if you have the book or the spell of Lady Nightingale
  • Lady Psijic: some others conditions plus having the Magnu's staff in you inventory(no worries you won't lose it)

  1. Dawnguard (dlc)
  2. Dragonborn (dlc)
  3. ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5

  • Go for a walk into BleakFallsBarrow and who knows, maybe you will find two new dead body and, maybe loot them, i'm just saying. :D
  • Look for it in the entry way of riverwood caming from helgen, look inside the blue square in the picture.

Hope you guys enjoy this mod, oh and this is my first mod so any suggestions wound be great.
Made in Cape Verde(África):D.