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A large castle complex guarding the caravan route from Whiterun through the Labyrinthian ruins and on to Dawnstar, Morthal and Solitude. Will include player home and full crafting suite.

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DovKroniid Redoubt v 0.3.2 [Updated, 10/10/12]

***Manor House, Dragon's Breath Inn, several barracks, a prison, non-recruitable and recruitable NPCs added with 0.3.2 version***

>>You WILL need both versions of Apahchii Sky Hair for the NPCs to look correctly (and for the mod to work w/o CTD)- both ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_5_Full and ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_3 Find it on Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/10168/?tab=2&navtag=/ajax/modimages/?user=0|:|id=10168


Description (Vision):

No player home in Hjallmarch? So you are asking yourself, "Why bother to become Thane of Hjallmarch?" Tired of push-over quest lines, and player homes that are no challenge to obtain? If so, DovKroniid Redoubt may be a Mod for you!

DovKroniid Redoubt is a massive fortification on the border of Whiterun and Hjaalmarch holds. This former Imperial fortification guards the strategic caravan and trade route from Whiterun through the Labyrinthian Ruins complex and on to Morthal, Dawnstar and Solitude. The origins of the Redoubt are shrouded in the mysteries of the Dragon Wars of the Merethic Era. In the Dragon language, DovKroniid means “Conqueror of the Dragon Race,” And therefore may have been constructed on the site of an original residence of the great Nord heroes of that era, Hakon One-eye, Felldir the Old, or Gormlaith Golden-hilt. This fortification was abandoned, like many in Skyrim during the Great War, and subsequently has fallen into a state of disrepair and been taken over by a strong bandit faction led by a figure calling himself The Bandit King. Bandits and deserters from the civil war have flocked to the station, making it a formidable obstacle to regional stability and trade. The Bandit King faction has erected an additional watch camp locating it where the main road from Whiterun meets the trade road into the Labyrinthian pass.

Quest: [NOTE: Quest version not built as of current 0.3.2 release]

The player must clear the caravan route to Morthal. This will involve clearing the bandits in the entire central Whiterun Hold region (Fort Greymoor, Redoran’s Retreat, Silent Moons Camp, Halted Stream Camp, and Dovkroniid Redoubt and its Advanced Camp). In addition, any threats in the exterior of the Labyrinthian must be dealt with so that merchant and Khajiit caravans may pass through the area unmolested.

DovKroniid Redoubt will not be an easy nut to crack. It is heavily recommended that mercenaries or multiple followers be procured to deal with this major bandit infestation.

Once the trade route is open and the redoubt has been conquered and held, the Manor House can be occupied by the player. After the player has become Thane of Hjaalmarch, it will be available for purchase as a player home and upgrades will be purchasable from a merchant agent in Morthal. A housecarl, Hildara, a powerful Altmer spell sword, will also be available.

There will be plenty of additional upgrades and surprises associated with this complex and its quest lines.

Full discussion is facilitated at the Bethesda Skyrim TESV Forum thread at: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1390491-wipzrelzbeta-dovkroniid-redoubt/#entry21102141


Pre Beta 0.0.0 [extremely limited release] [COMPLETE]
DovKroniidAdvanced Camp complete and populated. Redoubt fortification navmeshed and in basic operational state.

Beta 0.0.1 [COMPLETE]
Interiors of Jail, Headquarters / Merchant / Inn, and Manor House will NOT be accessible. Interiors of other buildings are accessible. This will be the basics of the complex - repaired, but without all upgrades. This will incorporate any changes prompted as a result of pre-beta feedback.
Detailed interiors for all tower barracks
Detailed interior for Mess Facilities and Quartermaster building.
Working City Gates
Working Portculises (portculi?)
Working Barbican and drawbridges
Full blacksmith crafting stations
Fully Navmeshed and Follower Friendly
Two stables
Levelled loot and scenic overlooks throughout
>>It even has chickens!!

Beta 0.1.1 [COMPLETE] << NOTE: Only this version does not require ApachiiSkyHairs mods.
Adds the DovKroniid Manor House interior, complete with all upgrades. No additional NPCs.
Great Room with Throne
Audience Throne Room
Large Kitchen with Room for Head Chef
Household Guard Baracks Room with Area for Guard Captain
Guest / Housecarl Room
Large Master Bed Room
Alchemy / Enchanter Room
Secret Passages
Small Underground Lake
Basement Storage
Basement Armory with Crafting Tables
Basement Fletcher with Crafting Tables
"Secret" Treasure Room and Escape Tunnel
Connecting Tunnel to Inn / Merchant (not connected until v. 0.2.1)
10 Arms Plaques
3 Weapon Racks
4 Display Cases
4 Mannequins

Beta 0.2.1 [COMPLETE]
Adds The Dragon's Breath Inn and General Merchant - connects by tunnels to Manor and Quartermaster buildings.
Adds Adronicus Family:
Titus Adronicus - Father and Store Merchant - Generall goods
Leah Andronicus - Mother and Innkeeper - bed rental and general food items
Lucius Andronicus - Recruitable / marriagable - Night watchman, Warrior 2H sword
Ravenna Andronicus - Recruitable / marriagable - Inn Server, Ranger - bow
Portia Andronicus - Recruitable / marriagable - Inn Server, Combat Mage - fire and lightning
Inge Silver-Lute - Recruitable / marriagable - cousin - Bard - Warrior 1H axe

There are two working store mannequins that you can buy outfits from (script by Amethyst Deceiver)
There are two arms displays, but they belong to the Andronicus family.

Beta Final version 0.3.1 [<<CURRENT VERSION, 0.3.2 as minor fixes]
The Prison and Barracks.
Climates of Tamriel / Lanterns of Skyrim compatible.
Many NPCs and vendors, trainers, and staff (Marielle Geonette - Recruitable / marriagable - Manor Server, Ranger - bow, added)

Adds a hostler, and buyable horse too!

>>For users just wanting a free player home and castle for immediate use without any quest requirements, this is the release for you. Of course, pull the chain and you will pay! Recruit the Andronicus kids or the server girl (Marielle) and go kick some bandit butt!

General release 1.0 [<<WIP - Will be published probably around 2013.]
Entire fortification in a state of disrepair as taken over by the Bandit King and his band. First Basic Quest created. Trade / caravan route must be cleared as part of Quest .

General release 2.0 [Date unknown]
Adds levels of detail and complexity to Quest line and possible follow-on quests.

Other Releases TBD

Known Issues (as of 0.3.2 release):
None Reported.