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my second follower mod :) i made midori aboouuut a month ago and now that i know how to share to nexus i want to share my work with you guys
          midori is named after my niece lol she loves skyrim to haha even little 8 year olds can love video games. she can be found in whiterun in the bannered mare or around the market. (mostly in the bannered mare) requires appachiskyhair i think thats how you spell it. but most of you probably have that mod but if you dont you need it or else she'll be bald.
  my last mod has 4000 views and still going and 100 downloads so inspires me to make more follower mods for you guys :)
      please comment any bugs or any issues i have to fix. please endorse and yeah :).                      Class: ranger and she has a heal other spell and will give you gifts every once in a while. Recommended mods: pretty face, facelight, cbbe, and any female face texture packs.