About this mod

This mod adds hundreds of new enemies, allies and NPCs. It contains a developing character cast and storyline, boasts over 20+ unique locations, as well as two player bases. 15+ armors with 24+ uniquely enchanted variants for each! Over 15 quests, and 20+ unique followers with intertwining stories. It also contains my 2.500+ hours of CK tears

Permissions and credits

So many of you have contributed to Invasion of Skyrim! Here's a list of all the amazing authors who've donated their assets to helping Invade Skyrim!

 Cloak Texture based off of Jacknifelee,
Chiss Honor Guard Armor based off of mgbeach,
Forgotten Dungeons addons for Juhaantero68,
Battle Hardened Warpaints,
Cloak Mesh from Nikinoodles,
Morogoth's Lair from Morogoth,
Chiss Spec Ops armor based off of textures from Hellstorm,
The Cracking City from resources from SkyrimLazz,
Oaristys for static meshes,
tueffelachtein for displays,
Tarshana for the beautiful couches and other furniture,
Elianora's resource pack,
Blary for static book,
wall art,
and alchemy meshes,
yourenotsupposedtobeinhere for new rugs,
Tamira and Stroti for the Manor meshes,
Gutmaw for the upcoming beautiful Snazzy furniture,
BaurusCZ for The Treacherous Hollows,
Viltuska for the Skyrim Sewers addon
Cabal120 for his generous allowance of aMidianborn textures to revamp the Elite and Resistance armor
EpicCrab for the Valtheim Towers overhaul!



This is an anniversary release for Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Invasion of Skyrim has gone through many, many growth spurts in it's lifetime. Multiple beta releases on Steam Workshop turned into a Beta release on Nexusmods.com, which, with loving input from the fanbase, evolved into version 1.0 in March!

Since March, Invasion of Skyrim has mutated in a thousand different ways, and is in no way similar to how it originally released. Worldspaces have come and gone, NPCs have evolved and your decisions matter even more than ever! Thousands of dialogue options to choose from when interacting with characters, all set in a massive crossover war between The Elder Scrolls and Star Wars!

Invasion of Skyrim is my largest project I've ever taken on in my life. I've poured over 2,500 hours into it's development, sometimes just to rip it all apart and start over. The tireless work I've put into this mod kept me sane during my year away from the working world. I'm proud to say that I have much to show for my efforts, and I am sharing it all once again with you, fellow modders!


Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn - The Balance of Power

Invasion of Skyrim is a massive overhaul to the entire world of Skyrim. Set in a crossover universe, Nirn has been invaded by none-other than Thrawn, the secret Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire. 

However, Thrawn has no space-ships. No fancy laser rifles, or anything of the sort. He's here under the false pretense of a new race arriving from elsewhere on Nirn, hoping to uncover the extreme powers this planet houses deep inside itself. Having already been contacted by the Daedric Prince, Hermaeus Mora, and accepted the dark pact offered to him, Thrawn has become a nearly invincible power.

What hope does Tamriel have against this evil?

The answer comes in the form of the invaders. The proud "
Etok", Special Forces of the Imperial Armada, have defected from Thrawn and formed a Resistance. Based on a remote island far north of Solitude, the Resistance has been waging a background war with the Imperial Armada for over 25 years! 

From utilizing masterful Con-Artists such as Flim to wage propaganda war, or talented warriors such Command Sergeant Morki, or powerful psionic mages such as Specialist Wez, the Resistance stands a strong chance... if only they had the right leader for the job! 

Their General, Draqh, has been searching tirelessly for a fabled hero of Skyrim to come forth. If the ancient legends are true, the time of the hero is nigh....


General Features:

A new playable race - Chiss 

Over 15 sets of Armor, Clothing and other outfits

Multiple types of unique jewelry

30+ Unique super-enchantments and 10+ ultra-powers based on the ancient racial homeworld of the Chiss

2 new Worldspaces, one for each Chiss faction

Over 15 new Radiant locations

2 bases for the player, one being Ayleid themed, the other a beautiful island manor

Over 20 unique followers with opinions, stories, lovers and backgrounds.

Over 30+ potential marriage candidates

Over 30+ quests implemented, with more always coming

Unique character classes and specialized AI for every character in IoS

Hundreds of NPCs, all with their own routines and habits

Traveling merchants, traitorous assassins, prison escorts, largescale battles, inquisitors, spies, commandos, enslaved dragons and more as World Encounters

Over 40+ scenes and interactions that can occur at any time

A developing narrative that opens up as you play Skyrim

Persistent allies that roam Skyrim, defending towns, fending off dragons, clearing out dungeons and wiping out enemy bases and storehouses

A ranking system among the Resistance

Hundreds of books, dialogue hints, and other story hints that tie two different universes very closely together

Every action you take has a ripple effect, sometimes drawing out consequences that won't become apparent until much later.

Combat Features:

Over a thousand handpicked lines of dialogue for combat depending on rank, faction, time of day, location, quests, units in combat, allies dying, etc. 

Enemies that react smartly and realistically in combat. Enemies will panic when their allies are killed, stack up around doorways for breaching tactics, single file behind tanky units, flank, heal, and buff eachother.

Over 100+ types of enemies, all with unique abilities and weaknesses, from the brutish Tanks that don't feel pain, to the Rogues that walk in shadows, to the Purifer that disintegrates undead.

Dangerous images of your allies will be conjured up. These alternate forms of what your closest friends used to be are among the most dangerous apparations.

Even more deadly images exist of Grand Admiral Thrawn himself. Eight tiers of Images of Thrawn exist, each exceedingly more powerful than the last. Finally, Grand Admiral Thrawn himself stalks the lands of Skyrim. If he recognizes you as a Resistance soldier, you better be able to flee.....


Gameplay Details and a Player's Expectation:

Invasion of Skyrim is a very difficult mod. Walking a fine line along the balance-scale, players should be very familiar with Skyrim and it's base game mechanics. Here's a list of things the player should be comfortable with:

  • The player will need to know how most dungeons and puzzles work
  • The player will need to specialize in most forms of Magic, Combat or Stealth trees
  • The Player will need to accept defeat from time to time, learning when it is best to retreat and save lives for later battles
  • The player will need to be prepared for deadly ambushes at any time, in any place
  • The player will need to be prepared for Imperial Chiss that have set up bases inside the old tombs and dungeons across Skyrim
  • The player will need to be flexible, as every playthrough yields different results
  • The player will need to be prepared for dangerous and decisive enemies that scale with them
  • The player should be prepared to duel Chiss for items such as Dawnbreaker, Words of Power, and other such things
  • The player is expected to have a Follower along with them for a large part of the game
  • The player is expected to have some form of "second wind" mod like Death Alternative


Mod and Load Order recommendations:

Important PSA

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch
All DLCs
Bashed Patch
Crash Fixes
Bug Fixes

Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Rebalanced Leveled Lists
Rebalanced Encounter Zones
World's Dawn
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - highly recommended!
Immersive Armors/Weapons



{Bethesda ESMs}
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - HIGHLY Recommended!
Invasion of Skyrim
{Addons for Invasion of Skyrim}
Rebalanced Leveled Lists
Rebalanced Encounter Zones
Bashed Patch

ASIS spawning feature (Spells/Perks are fine)
Winterstone Castle (Dungeon overlap, not terrible)
Immersive Music can't be used with the music addons on this page
Follower Commentary Overhaul (Or Turn Argonian OFF!)
Anything that alters entire dungeon design
Talos Island

Thanks to these authors for their direct contribution to Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn over the years!



Facebook page!

Armor previews!

Inspiration for the Chiss

The inspiration for using the Chiss race and not an existing Elder Scrolls game comes from two points.

One, I love Star Wars. The Chiss are my favorite race, they are very easily distinguishable from any other race in this game, and allowed me to have complete and absolute freedom in this crossover mod.

Two, this is a mod. For a video game. I understand I could have used literally any of the many races ingame, but that was overdone, overused, whatever word you want. I do not know every single nook and cranny of TES lore that was ever written on the digital surface. This is the caveat that will get to most people, which is fine. They can go ahead and re-release this mod with my permission with the Chiss as all High Elves instead, because that hasn't been done before, right?

Final Note from the Author

This mod is not a team of people at work. It's literally just me. This mod is a hobby of mine that I developed during my depression, and is the something that I worked on every single day, from 6 am to 11pm usually.

Invasion of Skyrim plays like a complete DLC addon. There is a staggering amount of content, but in no ways am I finished with it. I love this mod, I love the work I've done with it, I love the people I've met and talked with along the way, and I will continue to breathe life into Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn for a long time to come!