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Yin Sui Lie preset for character

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Lin Sui Lie is from the epic elves race, she is an assasin,  best to use her with the latest racemenu just slide over to the preset part and select her name, she works best with the Epicelves skin but looks good in sg skins, i created her a while ago and she is one of my 5 character that i use, i also  have her saved and backup outside the skyrim folder for future playthroughs i like her that much, she was created for UNP bodies not tried her on any other as unp is the one i use.

For the people that want to know if you can use her as other races well i will upload screenshots of her as that race.

To instal her just use MO or NMM as i have already done the file path needed for an easy install, saves you time.

For my other creations i will put a link

New Whiterunv1
New Solitudev1
New Windhelm

I will be doing more texture and preset mods in the future, i do get better with each one, i just hope that some people like them if not then there is no harm done as not everyone likes the same stuff, i do makes these for my game and i choose to share them so the few that use them can have a choice in what they want their skyrim to look like, after all skyrim is a fantasy game and anything is possible with fantasy.

To use this preset you will need SKSE
you will need race menu
Epicelves  can be found here

both great mods worth a look at.

I hope you like her and if you download her and wish to make her into a proper follower she is mainly an archer and i would love to have a copy of her follower mod if someone made it.