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Just a High Elf character I made and have been using for a while.

Since I have lost access to my older saves, she is currently level 15 and you will not be able to reset her without the use of console commands. If you would like to, you can

Permissions and credits
CBBE - Curvy Body and Face Textures MUST be installed, use NMM to install mod or reinstall, DONT manually install.
ApachiiSkyHair - For the hair she has.
RaceMenu - ONLY NEEDED If you want to recreate her from scratch and must see all the details on current save.
Killer Keos Armor CBBE - Needed if you want to be able to see all the *ahem* assets whilst wearing armor. Also works on all other female characters (duh)
Sovngarde Steel - For the armor she's wearing currently
TBBP Dragonfly Animation
Lifelike Idles