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this is my 2nd companion mod for skyrim a Argonian assassin

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Venom was born under the sign of the shadow in Black Marsh. He is shadowscale... as a Hatchling he started his art for blood, soon he was recuited by the Dark Botherhood. There under the eye of the Night Mother he honed his art. After, the great war in Cyridel he arrived in Skyrim with his home destory, he wonder til he took up work in [b]Whiterun as a Alchemist[b] brewing vile poisons. Only things he has left from his previous life is his armor 2swords n a bow given to him by the Listener.

Requirements: ApachiiHair,

He maybe a lil overpower for starting characters, not sure if he go back to where u got him if u dismiss him if not he should be where u left him

future plans with this mod is to learn how to make him craft potions for you and rest is undecided