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Love ApachiiSkyHair but want a smaller, more lore-friendly selection? Look no further.

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+ Description +

I love having a large selection of hair for Skyrim. I want to have as many options as possible, since I like to create lots of characters at once. So imagine how grateful I was to apachii for cultivating her hair mod ApachiiSkyHair, blessing us all with salon-worthy hair fashion, and making it the splendid mod it is today. No one mentions "Skyrim" and "hair" anywhere on mod sites [ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE] without thinking of SkyHair.


There's a population who doesn't want all the modern hairstyles for their gritty, wartorn version of Skyrim, who continue to whine and complain about all the hairs they despise in the mod, so I made this for them. I've taken the liberty of chopping off any and all possible lore-breaking hairstyles in SkyHair. Anything that you previously thought was too chic for the times (I'm looking at you, male Khajiit hair with multicolored highlights) has been made unplayable with a simple .esp tweak in the Creation Kit. Not only will this eliminate lore-unfriendly hairs, but since they won't be in the game at all, it'll actually boost performance if you use the "showracemenu" command frequently. I figured I might as well share this with the rest of the world, with apachii's blessing/permission firmly in hand, of course.

Which it is. Her permission, that is. In hand. Figuratively. You know what I mean.

A common question would be: Could you add [x] hair and [y] hair back to the pack?
No, because I personally selected these hairs because they could match a variety of lore-friendly faces that I could see possible. If I couldn't see someone wearing that hairstyle in Fourth Era Tamriel or Dark Age Earth, it got chopped. But if you want to add them yourself, Google how to do it and jump into the CK. It's actually extremely easy, just tedious. I mean, I suck rocks at modding and still got this to work in under five hours, so there's no reason why you can't learn how either.

Speaking of tedious, only a fraction of the hairstyles are shown in the picture section. There's a lot of hairs in ApachiiSkyHair. Like, a lot. And though most people only see the ones that don't fit into lore, many of these are actually pretty adequate. If you really want to know, I only took out about 30-40 hairs and there's still about 80-something, not to mention race-specific hairs. So, no, I'm not going to show you every single hair I left in there. Get the mod and see for yourself.

+ Installation +

1. You MUST download and install the desired ApachiiSkyHair pack from the Nexus site: 1.6, 1.5 (female), 1.2 (male), or all three. Make sure the .esm files are checked in Data Files.
2. Download the corresponding ApachiiChopped.esp file, unzip it in your Skyrim/Data folder, and check off ApachiiChopped.esp in Data Files.
3. Profit!

+ Compatibility +

This mod should only affect ApachiiSkyHair packs, but if you use the NPC replacer, I have no idea what would happen. Worst-case scenario? All the NPCs using the non-playable hairs will be bald. Otherwise, there should be no issues of compatibility. I also strongly recommend that you download RaceMenu (which already contains the Precache Killer with its most recent update, thanks for telling me, peeps). This is essential for those who like to change their characters' appearances often.