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this mod adds 2 orc sister followers to Skyrim, one is blind the other is deaf. Read description for details.

Permissions and credits
The Tannuck Sisters
This mod adds two new sisters to Skyrim, Bellah Tannuck and Nezzah Tannuck. Bellah and Nezzah's parents were awful people, their father (the nord) left their mother before they were born. Their mother (the orc) felt shame after not only finding love with a nord but conceiving children that would grow to have no father. She thought Malacath would condemn her to a life of sorrow so she left them in a field full of hungry wolves and sabers. She never made it back home, One day while out hunting Chief Burguk heard cries from a distance and followed their voices to find them laying on the ground. There they were, starving with a thick layer of filth on their skins Chief Burguk took pity on them and brought them back to Dushnikh Yal to raise them. As Bellah and Nezzah got older Chief Burguk started to notice that Nezzah couldn't see well and Bellah who he thought at first would just ignore him but later found out she was deaf. Thinking that there was no hope for the two of them he made them stay in the long house, they could only go outside to train with Arob and her son Nagrub. As they got older they learned to be one with their special defects, Nezzah could hear a leaf hit the ground from a mile away and Bellah had the eyesight of a dragon. They were a force to be reckon with when they were together but apart they were weak. Chief Burguk noticed that they were getting better at training but he still had his doubts and kept them from going on hunts with Arob and her son. Bellah grew tired of sitting in the long house and planned to sneak out in the middle of the night with Nezzah and hunt down and kill a Giant. When they returned home they through the giants head in front of Chief Burguk, everyone gathered around them and stared at the giants head speechless. They now known all across Tamriel as the greatest hunters to ever live.

Nezzah info
Name: Nezzah Tannuck
Age: 20
Weight: 100
Sex: Female
Race: Orc
Combat Style: 2H Combat Warrior
Personality: "My blood is calm, I prefer it boiling" (Happy:)
Body style: UUNP
Perks: Barbarian60/DeepWounds60/LightFoot
Location: Dushnikh Yal

Nezzah Features 
-She is not standalone, she needs ApachiiHair Female to work
-She has a normal female orc voice
-Equipped with an enchanted Draugr battle-axe honed (Frost3)
-Default outfit is dragon plate armor
-She uses default dialogue for followers like "Follow me" "I need you to do something" etc.
-She is compatible with UFO, AFT and any other follower mod.
-You can marry her the ole fashioned nord way
-She is blind!

Bellah info
Name: Bellah Tannuck
Age: 20
Weight: 100
Height: 1.1
Sex: Female
Race: Orc
Combat Style: Ranger
Personality: Cocky as hell (Happy:)
Body style: UUNP
Perks: LightFoot/Bullseye/CriticalShot60
Location: Dushnikh Yal

Bellah Features
-She is not standalone, she needs ApachiiHair to work
-Her voice is a human female commander (blame her father)
-Equipped with a Draugr Bow with 100 Draugr Arrows
-Default outfit is Dragon Scale armor
-She uses default follower dialogue like "Follow me" "I need you to do something" etc.
-She is compatible with UFO, AFT and pretty much any other follower mod
-You can marry her the ole fashioned nord way
-Plus she's deaf!

-SKSE 1.06.16 or higher 
-Skyrim v1. or higher
-ApachiiHair Female 

-Install using NMM or MO
-Manual Install: Make sure you put their ".NPC" file in the Skyrim folder and not the Skyrim data folder.
Meshes go in meshes folder and textures in texture folder ".esp" file goes in the data folder.

This mod is compatible with UFO AFT EFF Convenient Horses and pretty much any other follower mod. If there are any bugs with any mod or this mod please don't hesitate to say something.


Body mods in screenshots
 LogRaam/Gabriel Mailhot for "The Eyes Of Beauty"

hellosanta for "SG Female Eyebrows"

Apachii for "ApachiiSkyHair" (required for this mod)

Xenius for "No More Blocky Faces"

83Willow for "83Willows WHITER TEETH 4all - Orc Khajiit Argonian Werewolf"

LeCid for "The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with Butt Bounce"

Groovtama/Skulltyrant/xp32 for "xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extended"

dracofish/Maevan2/Hidanna/Zonzai/Seren4xx/Nuska/SvarogNL/HHaley/BellaGail/Tetrodoxin/xs2reality/Halo for
"Pride of Valhalla - Super HD Skin Set for UNP-UNPB-7B-CBBE"

wast1980/Acdale/Caliente/Dimon99/Navetsea/Tigersan for "Battle Hardened Body Mod Vanilla UNP UNPB UNPC CBBE ADEC"

gamefever/Mako7/ChronoTrigger77 for "Remodeled Armor for UUNP Bodyslide HDT"

tktk1 for "Face Light"


anamorfus for "Enhanced Lights and FX"

preeum for "Verdant a skyrim grass plugin"

jianeddie/Dualsun for "Pretty Motion Collection"

Thanks to Bethesda for creating this wonderful game and the assets
Thanks to apachii for allowing me to use his amazing hair for this mod and thank you to the other authors for allowing me to use their amazing mods for my screenshots!


-Repackaged mod correctly thanks to apachii
-no Tannuck sisters (with both sisters) as of now, just download both files if you want them together