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These female and male companions use fire and frost spells to defeat enemies.

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Jenna is a nord female who specializes in one-handed, frost spells, light armor and can shout
<br /> -Likes to use Frostbite
<br /> -Uses 'Dismay' shout
<br /> -Default armor is Simple Scaled Armor
<br /> -Default sword is Steel Sword
<br />
<br />Xenon is a nord male who specializes in heavy armor, fire spells, and one handed
<br /> -Likes to use Flames
<br /> -Default armor is Banded Iron Armor with no Helmet
<br /> -Default weapon is Nord Hero Sword
<br />
<br />**INFO** These followers are balanced fighters, as in they can hold their but will bleed out if told fight by themselves, with decent health, stamina and magicka they can and will enter bleed out but still deal out decent damage.
<br />
<br />Jenna and Xenon's relationship are set to 'Courting' but don't show it in-game, i'll probably remove this and make them marriageable and add custom dialogue for both, if I can find a female voice (any takers :)?)
<br />
<br />**NOTE** There is an Ice Wraith creature follower in the works, is in-game and can only be summoned via console commands (A few bugs like endless following and is already following when you first talk to him, so i'll iron those out and add him)
<br />
<br />You do need apachiiskyhair by apachii at the moment, I will make them standalone in the near future.

This mod also included and player-friendly home where you can safely store your things equipment without resetting

1.Download both files with NMM (Right now it's two files, mistake on my part, it'll be fixed next update)
2. Install normally