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The lore friendly Sky Hair replacer for NPC's! This is by far the best replacer mod and it covers alot of content. So far DG, DB, EEO, and inconsequential NPC's!

Permissions and credits
All updates have been made. I am no longer making a 3DNPC patch. I would use this mod here for them Hott Interesting NPC by Nerd of Prey I know he dosnt list mod as the only one out before he made his but I forgive him :)

To make people look like the before and afters in images tab follow my HOT Skyrim Guide!

Will very from load order to load order, Any mods that add new face gen must be installed after this to work! an.esp loaded after. If your using a mod like immersive weapons. I advise A placing this high in your load order then patch the conflicting mod your self in tes5edit.. or B drag this below it. all it dose is give them weapons. also if you use a bashed patch "and you should be" I think it fixes the issue.

(What This Dose)
This replaces every NPC who has a close to apachi hair style while staying lore friendly as i can.. For example nooo to the old men with hair to their knees or orcs woth long flowing hair! "unless of course they had it before. also the options below give you the choice to make it more or less lore friendly! This is for those who mant to make npc look better but not change there original look. Yes Aela dosnt look like a 16 girl when you use this or a modle. she looks like aela.. If you want that there is other mods out there that can do that.

(Things you need)

1.Superior Lore-Friendly Hair(gets what i cannot or will not change) i use the 1k rough

2. Apachii Skyhair 1.5.FULL Download and install

3.If you like the skyhair as is please ignore these retexture options! also please only use one

(if you want a more realistic look) add ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture Also Beards to fit in a little better with the hair. "the wilder version of the next mod is alot like this one as well"

(if you want the hairs to look super lore friendly get the nord version of this retexture) ApachiiSkyHair and Beard Retexture Also i would get the beards as they blend very well together.

4. Now install my main files :) "PRESTO ALL NPCS LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE HAIR!"

5. Install Ethereal Elven Overhaul and  Ethereal Elven Overhaul Patches you will need the 2 main files installed " if you use flaskar and wrymstooth no patch will be needed as thodir didnt change hair or face gen data. Same for all his patches just install them befor mine" Also the USKP patch for EEO is not needed! if used it will mess everything up. all the patch was for was to prevent the gray faced bug. witch now only happens if you install this patch.

6. Install my EEO patch from optional files.

Shout out to Apachii for the great hairs!
Google for knowing things! :)