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Healers, Bards, Pet owners and more!

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[size=+3]Coffee's Companions[/size]

[size=+2]This mod adds 19 new followers with custom spells and abilities.[/size]
[size=+1]Healers, buffers, pet summoners and more![/size]
Detailed descriptions in the readme tab.

This mod may be incompatible/problematic with Odvar the Afflicted. He's still present in his earliest form in this file. Will be fixing this soon.

Once the mod hits 20 followers, I'll be focusing on adding more depth to each character.

If you enjoy this mod but find healing too many followers hectic, try my other mod: Support Magic!

[size=+2]ApachiiSkyHair is now required![/size]
Requires the extra male hairs not included the main file too.

[size=+1] UFO is not required, but is recommended![/size]
This mod is fully compatible with UFO

I used Covereyes in the screenshots.

[size=+2]The Followers[/size]

[size=-1]Axe = Fights with melee weapons

Fire = Fights with magic

Red cross = Heals you

Bow/Arrow = Fights with ranged weapons

Green Monster = Summons a pet

Green cross = Buffs you and/or restores energy

Floating Man = Uses crowd control abilities (staggers, drains, debuffs, knockdowns)

Hammer/Wrench = Has some form of utility

XP = Grants you XP in their chosen skills[/size]


Drunken Huntsman
- Ra'jiri
- Mereth
- Suli
Temple of Kynareth
- Nirrah
- Odvar
- Alvara
- Ganius
Bannered Mare
- Sillen
- Florence (bard)
Jorrvaskr (basement)
- Sara Elias (tutor)
Bee and Barb
- Volki (bard)
College of Winterhold (student quarters)
- Bree (tutor, destruction)
- Gunnar (tutor, conjuration)
- Kayleigh (tutor, resotration)
Ivarstead (inn)
- Bengeir (Fus Ro Dah)
Winking Skeever
- Dharga
- Klaira
- Eric
Sunderstone Gorge
- Braden (Yol Toor Shul)

All of them are essential and light footed.

[size=+2]Compatibility Issues[/size]

- All of their support spells are attached to invisible armor spells. If you have a mod that alters armor spells or how the AI handles them in any way, you might experience issues.

- The mod uses vanilla conditions and effects. Only the tutor xp gain and summon spells have custom scripts. If you find spells looking weird or hitting the wrong thing, it's likely due to another mod affecting keywords or spell FX in an odd way.

[size=+2]Known Issues[/size]

- Using any mod that allows you to give followers new spells may override priority of their heals/buffs, so choose wisely. ASIS seems to give out new spells/perks automatically, which could essentially neutralize the custom abilities in this mod.

- Bard followers get distracted by corpses and stop playing their lutes, but keep singing. A quick fix would be to not make them play while surrounded by corpses D:

- Bard followers have to be dismissed to take requests properly.

When updating, be sure to take back custom gear and dismiss them first if the changelog says they have new locations! Not doing this can lead to broken follower scripts.



Added Eric Taragan. He's a healer for undead players and their undead allies. Also summons a leveled undead warrior.

Cleaned esp quite a bit.

Fleshed out Alvara, Ra'Jiri, Sillen, Nirrah and Mereth. Increased knockdowns on Dharga.


Included missing script files.


Added Tutor type followers that grant the player a little xp by using the respective skill.
So far, these include:
One/Two Handed


Thanks to JanusForbeare, all of the followers now carry tomes that teach you to summon them.
No more lost followers! Take them anywhere!


Added Ganius, Volki and Florence.
Ganius is a functioning healer, while Volki/Florence are functioning bards.

Gave Klaira the ability to summon Snowflake, a small frost atronach that levels with you. She can also buff your frost resist slightly.


Added Mereth and Ra'jiri to the drunken huntsman.

Added Sillen Harborough to the Bannered Mare.


Extended the range on Odvar and Alvara's buffs. Extended duration on Kitty.

Fixed Searing Light.

Two other follower mods I'd recommend are Atvir Dres and Cerwiden. All though... if you've found this mod and not those, you should sort by most endorsements first I think :P