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The first Character I ever made in Skyrim as a follower. Comes in three flavors.

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(My first attempt at a follower character. Feedback on any errors or tales of "weird goings on" would be appreciated. This is my first real mod so your patience and input is appreciated! Please comment.)

HEY Look it's the SSE Version by Bchick3: Morwen Follower SSE 


Morwen is a Nord that specializes in two-handed combat, light armor and archery. As my first Dragonborn she possesses the fire breath dragon shout(in v1.2) or the Elemental Fury dragon shout (in V1.3) and will use either one in combat.(dependent on which you download) She's marriageable and located in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun(if you can't find her just wait around for a while and she'll come around, I have no idea where she goes sometimes). There's no quest to recruit her or anything just walk up to her and say "follow me, I need your help."

There are three options available based on your preference for her hair and two options for each based on your preference for her power level, use only one:

--- "Vanilla Morwen" with vanilla hair, no other files required. Get this if you are allergic to Apachii Sky Hair or reading.
Version 1.2 (in optional files) has an overpowered fire breath shout. Version 1.3 is more balanced with the Elemental Fury shout that she uses rarely.

--- "Classic Morwen" with the "Heidi" pigtails which REQUIRES Apachii Sky Hair (ApachiiHair.esm only)
Version 1.2 (in optional files) has an overpowered fire breath shout. Version 1.3 is more balanced with the Elemental Fury shout that she uses rarely.

--- "New Morwen" with Apachii Female Hair 3 which also REQUIRES Apachii Sky Hair (ApachiiHair.esm AND ApachiiHairFemales.esm)
Version 1.2 (in optional files) has an overpowered fire breath shout. Version 1.3 is more balanced with the Elemental Fury shout that she uses rarely.

Notes: Face/body textures and eyes not included for maximum compatibility. If you install anything but Vanilla Morwen WITHOUT the required Apachii Sky Hair .esm(s) installed - Your game will crash and you will be sad.

Please endorse if you like, comment with suggestions and feel free to upload a pic of Morwen adventuring with your character. (That's even better than an endorsement!)


Unzip the archive and place the Data folder in your main Skyrim folder, for example: "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim" (or wherever you installed Skyrim.) Check Morwen.esp in the Mod Manager of your choosing or the Skyrim Launcher and enjoy. Return here to comment, endorse, or constructively criticize.


Install with Nexus Mod Manager. Return here to comment, endorse, or constructively criticize.

Load Order: shouldn't matter as long as you aren't using a follower overhaul, like UFO or AFT. If you are using one, read their instructions for where they want you to place custom follower plugins in your load order.

V1.0 Initial release (bad tintmasks)

V1.1 Fixed the tintmask so that the eyeliner is where it's supposed to be.

V1.2 Face textures are really fixed this time. Please let me know if anything else is amiss.

V1.3 Is a more balanced version without the overpowered Fire breath shout and instead she has the non-intrusive Elemental Fury shout.

Other Mods used in Screenshots:

-Better Females By Bella Natural Edition by zzjay

-The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

-Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection by Isilmeriel

-CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible by navetsea

-Gizmodians Scars by Gizmodian and Xenius

-HN66s Earrings by humannature66

-The ENB is a modified version of Zoners High Performance ENB 2_0 by Shrutesh

-Various posers from Halo's Mods(Non Nexus Link) By Halofarm

Recommended Mods For Followers:
-UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii (make sure to load ANY follower mods that don't modify dialogfollower quest/script AFTER UFO, or better yet just read the UFO description)

-Follower Trap Safety by Alek
Pretty self-explanatory...

-Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster

Other Recommended Mods/Files On Skyrim Nexus:

-Night Eye Ring also by me.

-RaceMenu by Expired (requires SKSE)

-ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapaer
Grab this if you get showracemenu crashes and you have a lot of Hair Packs installed.(requires SKSE)

-Tutorial - Creating Standalone NPCs by Natilde

-How to REMOVE ALL embedded scripts from your savegame - Tutorial by flexcreator

-Children of Skyrim - New Nord Presets and MORE by FastestDogInTheDistrict
If you want a pretty/handsome Nord without even trying, pick this one up. There's even a female preset that kinda looks like Morwen!

-the Brawl Bug patch by jonwd7

Special thanks to Apachii, all the other helpful mod authors out there, and all the users that give feedback!

None... Maybe Elder Scrolls 6 stuff... maybe.

LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK: I'm always looking to improve upon my modifications, however, I don't know what you would like to see/change If you don't COMMENT. Is Morwen too overpowered? Did you just download the mod and immediately delete it just for fun? Which hairstyle is best? Would a standalone version(Eyes and Hair) be something a lot of people want? Would you be interested in a quest involving her? Who would win in a fight, Morwen or a Mammoth? I would very much like to see more comments/criticisms of the mod, rather than posts like I see on other files endemic to the culture of ignorance about unrelated technical problems with NMM(those go on the NMM forum) or your dislike of a hair mod a lot of other people like.

If you made it this far down the page, why not check out my Images.

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