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After leaving the Thieves Guild, she spent nearly all of her time at the Bee and the Barb. She still stays there, waiting for an adventurer to bring her along on... well an adventure of course!

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Good evening folks, and today I bring you my very first Skyrim Mod! The mod adds in a lovely woman who resides in the Bee and the Barb in Riften. She has an Ebony dagger and wears the Thief Guild outfit. The mod itself took a bit of time, because of multiple bugs that I tried to solve before uploading it. These included grey face bug, neck seam problems, and the wonderful and oddly red forehead. With this mod I do recommend Amazing Follower Tweaks (by Dheuster http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709/?  ) and other follower mods. Since I AM new at this, I know there will be bugs, and I hope you tell me about them, criticism is always accepted! Thanks, and why not endorse? It doesn't hurt you and it benefits me (which may lead to better and newer mods)!

Note: Anyone with a powerful computer? If you could possibly take nice HD screenshots, that'd be great. Thanks!

If there is a neck seam-ish type problem, please open the console using the "~" key and click on the npc. Then use the command "setnpcweight xx" X should be replaced with the desired weight. If that doesn't work send a screenshot and I'll try  to help you out. Thanks for downloading, endorsing, and even viewing. It means a lot. Go Dovahkiin and discover your destiny!!!!!