About this mod

This mod adds several followers, npcs, outposts and customized items to Skyrim. Thanks for trying, thanks for the ensdorsements!

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: 21/09/2014
00:50 a.m (Brazil)

For now, some small changes:

- Some items inside chests in the Great Gymn had to be changed.
- There are more clothing, ingots and alchemy materials.
- More npcs and enemies inside Dustman Cairn.
- Some customized items like the Yokuda blade were "fixed".

* I used the TES5 Edit to clean the esp file. For now, everything is running smoothly. Check the requirements in order to avoid ctds and weird behavior.


In progress:

- Quests: I'm not an expert so don't expect me to bring an  "advanced" work so soon. 
- Storylines
- Voiced characters
- I'm thinking about changing the access to the Danger Room via quest, too. Of course, adding more levels and challenging enemies.


UPDATE: 31/07/2014
00.36 a.m / 00:36 h

- Some outposts had their location changed in order to avoid conflicts with mods like Immersive Settlements and others that adds buildings to towns, villages, etc. Keep my file at the bottom of your load order if you got such mods.

- If you already had this mod installed and you had anything stored in one of the chests inside Dawnstar's Vigil (Currently, Fendaris's House), get these items before updating!

- The fast travel to most of the sites is currently disabled. If you are beginning the game, you will have to "hit the road" to reach them, like many other places in Skyrim.

- Some dungeons are more crowded, like Ustengrav, Dustman Cairn, Broken Fang Cave, Moldering Ruins and Fellglow Keep.

- There are two more levels for the Danger Room; there are more enemies as well.

- If you pay attention to some vigilants, you will notice that there is a rank being built (idea proposed by Teabag86):







These first quests that I'm writting are quite simple. When I improve my skills, these ranks will fit quite better! If anyone reading this has more ideas, send me a p.m.


UPDATE: 27/07/2014


- First quest uploaded as an optional file. You don't need to download the main file in order to get the quest working. Not Yet.


The main file, New Vigil, adds outposts and npcs scattered through Skyrim. If you got mods like Immersive Settlement or any other that adds buildings to towns and villages you'd better keep my mod at the bottom of your load order. I'm moving some of the outposts to more distant places in order to avoid "collisions" and other strange things.


UPDATE: 12/07/2014
16:02 / 4:02 p.m


- Kemeth
- Boreas
- Malink (New NPC)


- Drusilla has two more diaries. Some light on her past!


- Shriekwind Bastion:
- Redwater Den
- Brokenfang Cave
- Crovangr
- Moldering Ruins
- Pinemoon Cave

If you are under level 20, think twice before getting in these places, specially SHIRIEKWIND BASTION and REDWATER DEN !!

- Changed inside and outside
- Now, the navmesh and the sandbox are working quite better;

- There are new patrons and followers;
- There is a bard: Valerie
- A bathroom was added
- Now you can buy food and drinks properly.


- Brenuin
- Embry
- Lydia

* It was not just an aesthetic change. These guys have new equipment, skills and perks!
- If you need rogues / combat thieves, pick Brenuin and Embry
- If you need a tank / battering ram, pick Uthgerd and Lydia


- More dialogue lines
- More journal entries
- Quests


"The New Vigil Project"

I. Concept
II. Locations
III. Followers and NPCs
IV. Special Items
V. Installation, Bugs and known issues:
VI. Next steps


- The Latest Version of Skyrim
- Dawnguard DLC
- Apachii Hair: 1.5 Full
- Apachii Hair: 1.4 Female
- Apachii Hair: 1.2 Male

I. Concept

I had been watching the Vigilants of Stendarr among other religious orders for some time.They claim to hunt down Daedra worshippers and supernatural beings like Vampires and Werewolves but I felt that something was missing. So, I got this idea, to make an “expansion” of the Vigil. You see, I do not intend to change completely the original Vigilants found in Skyrim but to show another perspective. New characters with a story behind them.

II. Locations

A) Whiterun's Vigil: close to the bridge. It's easy to see it if you are travelling from Riverwood to Whiterun. Take a look at the map, too.

B) Brelyn’s House: just before one of the entrances, by the road. About Brelyn and his children:

- Allyah is a blacksmith and she can be found working outside the house during the day;
- Skaadi can be found working at the Dead Man’s Drink;
- Marcus can be found walking by the streets of Falkreath (patrol);
- Brelyn can be found farming in Falkreath and hunting nearby;
- All of them can be found relaxing at Dead Man’s Drink around 6 pm and they will back back home around 11 pm.

C) Morthal's Vigil: close to Movarth's Lair. The site is scary but unless you are using mods that change (completely) the scenario, we cannot say that Morthal is the most colorful, safest hold in Skyrim, can we? And if you have "Skyrim Witcher Experience", beware for drowners, as they might spawn nearby and threaten anyone around!

D) Fendaris's House: It is the old Dawnstar's Vigil. 

E) Markarth's Vigil: only the tower remains. The loft became a Safehouse in the Rift. 

(The fast travel to the tower is currently disabled)

F) Winterhold's Vigil

G) Ramzem and Tilda’s Inn: close to Riften's main gate (North Gate).

H) Windhelm's Vigil: close to Windhelm's bridge.

I) The Mighty Aegir: It is a ship docked in the port of Solitude.

J) Kynesgrove Retreat: in Kynesgrove, close to the dragon burial mound.

K) Heroes for Hire: Darkwater Crossing
- Claudia Stromm
- Maiger
- Dhaulae
- Faelhelen

III. Followers and NPCs

- Some of these New Vigilants are not like the "fundamentalist robots" wandering off Skyrim. They can even follow you with their own, peculiar equipments;

- There are vigilants with different perks and combat styles: one-handed, two-handed, dual-wielding, bow and arrow, knives and daggers...

- Amidst standard mages, spellswords and battlemages, there are "Exorcists", in other words, mages with advanced perks in Restoration School that can be a real challenge for the undead and other similar creatures.

- The multi-ethnicity is more evident: there are vigilants from all [vanilla] races.

- There is someone with murderous intent hunting down the Vigilants of Stendarr AND you. Be careful! They can tear you apart within a blink of an eye.

IV. Special items

If you explore the New Vigil and some of the outposts you will find enchanted items and diaries. Take a look and see if they are useful to you. If you are willing to get in the Danger Room, make sure you are prepared! There is a good reason for the word "danger".

(Before hitting anything that moves inside Danger Room, check if it’s not an ally, ok? You may not have the chance to apologize…)

V. Installation, Bugs and Known Issues

1. SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE INSTALLING! Always save your game BEFORE installing any mod.
2. Use Nexus Mod Manager or just drop the .esp file inside "Data", in your Skyrim folder.
3. To uninstall this mod, delete the .esp file manually or use the Nexus Mod Manager. Load your game, save it and quit. The file should be "clean" again.