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This is a simple mod adding a brand-new, lore friendly female mage follower to warm your bed on a cold Skyrim night! Or, more accurately, freeze your wang off. She\'s an ice mage.

Permissions and credits
I sat down at my computer one morning, thinking, "wow, there just aren't enough followers on Nexus". So I made a new one. Guril is a standalone, lore friendly companion specializing in Frost magic.

To get her to look like my pictures, you need:

ApachiiSky hair (required)
Dawnguard (required)
Zoners' high performance ENB, vanilla mode
All-in-one face
Xenius' Character Enhancement
ZX eyes
ApachiiSky hair - Better Textures

Race- Nord
Sex- Female
Marriable- Yes
Level- Starts at 10, up to 81
Location- Candlehearth Hall
Combat Style- Mage
Spells- Ice spike, Frostbite, Lesser Ward
Shouts- Ice form, Frost Breath
Perks- Light Foot
Requires- ApachiiSkyhair, Dawnguard

Guril grew up on the streets of Windhelm, begging for spare septims and sleeping on the ground. When the civil war started, she enrolled with the stormcloaks almost immediately, seeing it as a chance to get a warm(ish) bed (I mean c'mon, this is Skyrim) and regular pay. Soon after, she was wounded in an ambush and set back to recover in Windhelm. While on leave, she met Wuunferth the Unliving and he quickly started to mentor her on the art of war magic, with Ulfric Stormcloak soon taking interest in this beautiful, intelligent, patriotic Soldier, and deciding to teach her some basic Thu'um. And now she follows around the Dovahkiin, smitten with love. Or something like that.

Please post your pictures of her in action!