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This is Michael, a male teen nord.

now no master needed

He works in the Bannardmare in whiterun.
He is an archer
After losing his parent at an early age he was shipped of to the orphanage in Riften, he was treated badly and beaten alot, 
 when he was 12 he excaped from the orphanage in riften when he was picked up by a woman who he lived with for 6 months, she was a vampire who tried to turn him becuase she didnt want to lose him, he was then found by an old wizard who saw he was turning into a vampire and saved him, but he couldnt get rid of the teeth, he found his way to whiterun, tired and hungry, Hulda took pitty on him and took him in, since then he has worked in her inn The Bannardmare.
In his spare time he took up the art of archery, he became quite good and often hunts for game. Is his journey about to take a change?

Only you can decide that.

Please upload screenshots if you use him, i very much like to see what he looks like in your game

Hair from Apachiiskyhair  for males, must have for follower to work
The skin is a custom made job, by myself
The Bodymesh is by 
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces


This follower was created from
Racemenu Preset Michael the nord teen by Tamikonelf
i do have the author permission, wait i am the mod author.