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Azura was born and raised in a wealthy family. At age 19 she left her home and traveled the wilds of Tamriel. At age 20, she walked the Black Marshes, at age 22, she wandered the planes and jungles of Elswyer, at age 23 trekked through the all of Cyrodiil. During her adventures she became very well antiquated with the bow. She also mastered the art of remaining unseen and was able to hold her own in the Imperial City Arena. Having heard rumors of Dragons and a man they call the Dovakiin, she begins her march to the frozen wasteland of Skyrim.

Meet Azura. A young woman who, despite her friendly nature, all ready has of 46 ways of killing you floating around in her brain. She is young, reckless, and completely ready to aid the Dragonborn in any way she can. She is completely trustworthy, and if discovered won't give away your position. After traveling to Skyrim she is told that Whiterun was where the Dovahkiin frequents. Upon arriving she rents a bed at The Drunken Huntsmen and waits until the return of the fabled Dragonborn.

If their is any one out there who would like to help me in giving her a custom voice, that would be appreciated. I am looking for some one who speaks English, is a female, and possibly a slight British accent. If you think you could help please by all means PM me.

Quick Side note...
I understand this mod is titled "Azura" and yet he name in game is Asura. That is simply because I decided last minute to change her name to Azura and was to lazy to figure out how to change her name. I did in fact try but it did not work.

-Level and Skills

350 Glass Arrows
1 Ebony Bow
2 Glass Swords
1 Orcish Dagger
50 Lockpicks
77 Gold

-Level and Skills
Level - 25
One-handed - 25
Sneak - 35
Archery - 45
Light-Armor - 35
Restoration -
Health - 150
Magicka - 75
Stamina - 125

Mods I use:
RealVision ENB

Extract then read the "AzuraV1Readme

Thanks for the view!

- Field