Braithwen Fernleaf -Wood Elf Companion- by FalmerBane
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Braithwen Fernleaf -Wood Elf Companion-

05/18/12 Update: Added version that should default to bow and her primary attack/defense will be with a bow using csWEAssassinMissile/Combat Scout for her combat mechanics.

Update!: Auto-Level File: While looking at the hair on my follower in-game I noticed that the adjustments I made to her hair in the Calculated Version 1.0 did not make it to the Auto-Level file causing her hair to clip through her ear. This should be fixed now. The newer Auto-Level File is 1.0c so make sure you delete the old one completely before you install the newer one. 04/27/12

She is located in the Winterhold Hold at the Nightgate Inn where she is sandboxed and will return when dismissed. She is available as a Calculated Level 35 or Auto-Leveled (your choice) Combat Ranger that should advance to level 100 with the player. Her perks are geared towards archery and hunting with a little bit of stealth thrown in. I also gave her just a couple spells like healing, oakflesh and raise corpse just to make her a little more fun.

Tribute: This is more a tribute to the Wood Elves from Lord of The Rings. I dislike the "Roswell Alien" look of Bethesda's elves in general and am on a mission to change every elf in my game.

*** Indicates a required mod

***Make sure you have the NEWEST version of ApachiiSkyHair! ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_2!***

She is equipped with two Iron Daggers and no clothes.
She is approximately 5'6" and 120 pounds.
She is essential or non-essential and can be married
Custom hair, skin and makeup "coloring" by me.***I had to adjust this particular Apachii Hairstyle many many times so that seams and hair clipping through her ears weren't an issue. :-P
Voice: Sultry
For Braithwen to appear as she does in my images use the following mods;
Bella's Better Faces with Makeup version 1:
Human eyes for Elves by Porcelyn
CBBEv3 with Navetseas CBBEv3 body texture (feminine arms and toned abs). (Will work with all bodies!)
Her eyes are Ice Blue Natural Eyes by nevenbridge:
***Required***Human eyes for Elves by Porcelyn:
Pretty Lips by Danariel:
I have her wearing
Grace Darklings Ranger Armor V3:
HN66s Earrings by humannature66:
Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M by MAK:
Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles:
UNP Jewelry by Petrovich: (His circlets and earrings still work with CBBEv3 without clipping or collision issues)

Thanks for trying her out and if you like her or my work endorsements are welcome and much appreciated!