About this mod

This is a LATE Alpha/ Early BETA version of my Character. I want him to be able to have his own quest and explain his background and overall, be a REAL companion unlike the unchanging companions in Skyrim Vanilla. THIS IS MY FIRST MOD! Please let me know if I did everything right...

Permissions and credits
*NOTICE* This is my first mod so I'm sure I got some things wrong. Please be patient and help me out by informing me of issues and other mistakes I made (and if possible how to fix.)

To'raji is my Khajiit character in Skyrim and is my first mod. Eventually I will make this to where he talks about his backstory and how/why he came to Skyrim. *NOW VOICED!*

I got VERY heavy inspiration from FAIR KHAJIIT mod inspired by a friend Darkvalkyr (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/8468) who is an amazing author. Even though his mod isnt done, I feel a strong attraction to it right from the start. I hope that I can do something like that with To'raji.

I have been getting a lot of help and motivation to make this mod due to a good friend KHAJIITAS so please stop by his page, give him some endorsements or even a thank you! His link is below.


ALSO: For those wishing to speak/see him, He is currently at RiverWood's Sleeping Giant Inn.