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    I'm proud to present the legendary Misty Day from American Horror Story. She is a follower and potential marriage partner. She is using the Female Sultry Voice, has healing spells, fireball spell and able to conjure a dremora lord (she was imprisoned in hell/oblivion so for lets just say she got to know the place).
  This is not going to be the final version. I am learning how to do quests and there will most likely be tweaks to her appearance. I will be adding a house for her in the next update and perhaps an armor set a bit more suited for her. That said if anyone is interested I could use help from anybody experienced making armors and quests so feel to message me. The quest will be about saving Misty Day from her fate at the end of American Horror Story. So you'll be going to Oblivion and back. Also would love to give Misty a voice so if anyone is interested please message as well.

I have CBBE installed so not sure how she would look without it...might be about the same or a complete mess.

Location:  At Darkwater Crossing in the hotsprings. (In the pictures I have Expanded Towns And Cities) You can get that here although it is NOT is just amazing.

ApachiiSkyHair  *Found Here

Better Females Eyebrows  *Found Here

With out them I could not have done this so thank you very much BellaGail, Kalilies and Apachii!

I used RaceMenu as well so thank you expired6978!

This is also on Steam if you would like to download it there.