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Two vikings badasses to accompany you on your adventures!

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Update, Update, Update!

Olaf and Bjorn were updated with new hair! They now appear younger, and have different voices. They now require ApachiiSkyHair Males v1.2!!

hello guys.
This is my first follower mod. It's pretty simple and uses vanilla Skyrim resources.
Mod adds two viking-styled followers to Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm: Olaf Sigvardrsson and Bjorn Eriksson. They are configured to be light armored warriors with shield and one handed. In case you don't like this setup or you prefer them to be heavy armor guys, you are free to edit the file in CK.
I use those guys with UFO and Convenient Horses and it seems they are compatible and bugless ;P

looking for a wife for your Viking char? Sigrid the Shield-Maiden is the one!

Now, to get the best Viking look, like the one on screenshots, I recommend using following mods: - Viking weaponry for weapons - Viking Armor mod II - Viking Armor by Hothtrooper. - Matehrian Viking shields, 13th warrior edition - for more Norse feel ;P - best norse bow out there!

Initially, Olaf is equipped with set of leather armor, hide shield and iron sword, and Bjorn with set of Hide armor, hide shield and iron sword. Both got long bows.

The archive contains extracted facegendata so the black face bug shouldn't be an issue.