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This mod adds a new follower named Agenor to your game .

Permissions and credits

This is my first contribution to Nexus. I made this as a request. This mod adds Agenor, a Nord warrior, to Whiterun. You will find him near Shrine of Talos. I made him level 25, didn't want him to be too overpowered . I'm not thinking to do any uptades to this mod, because of my lack of skills in CK , you're welcome to improve him if you want =)

Use NMM or just put the Data folder to Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

For the exact look you will need the following mods : ApachiiSkyHair , High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox , Covereyes

Known Issues :
You'll only encounter this if you're using UFO . Well , when you tell him ''Train some , you're weak...'' He doesn't level up, I don't know how to fix that. Other than that, he shouldn't have any problems.

Permission :
You can upload my file to any site and you can modify/edit it as you wish , just give me credits, that's all i ask, thank you =)

Thanks to Bethesda for creating a legend like Skyrim.
Thanks to Apachii for letting me use her hair.
Thanks to SheWildWolf for teaching me how to make a front page and testing Agenor.
Thanks to toro66ro for precisely testing Agenor.