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You can find Fjori in Riverwood, right near the sleeping giant inn. 
She is a powerfull nord magician and in controll of the ancient Thu'um Fire and Frost. 
Once she is fighting you better step aside. ;-) 
V3 and V4 are the regular versions without the Thu'um.
Fjori has no home, she will rest in place where you leave here. In case you can't find here anymore, 
use the console and type (bat fjori) without the brackets. 
You can marry Fjori as well and give here a home.       


The fjori textdocument needs to be adjusted according the loading order. 
You can find the loading order inside the Nexus Mod Manager, Plugins - Load Order. 
Inside the fjori textdocument you have to adjust the ID (prid xx000d63) where xx stands for you're loading order.
Alternativly you can use the console and type (help fjori 4) where the id is (xx000d63). 
Afterwards you modify the fjori textdocument (prid xx000d63).

Version Info
V1 (Vanilla Hair) (Thu'um version)
V2 (Custom Hair) (Thu'um version) (requires ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full)
V3 (Vanilla Hair) (regular version) 
V4 (Custom Hair) (regular Version) (requires ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full)
Fjori Pack - contains all versions (V1-V4)

1) Please install only one version at once
2) The versions V2 and V4 requires ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full.
3) Copy the BSA, ESP and textdocuments (fjori and FJ1) into the skyrim data folder and activate the ESP.

4) Modify the fjori text document (see modifications)
5) Load the game and test the batch (bat fjori)

Bethesda for - Skyrim
Apachii for - ApachiiSkyHair
Toto for - Translations