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Alissa Blackhart is a 24 year old Nord that was once part of the Stormcloak army. She was a prodigy soldier specialising in two handed weapons. She was re-assigned to Fort Amol to aid in the defence against the Imperials, the defence was successful yet heavy losses was gained on both sides. Alissa herself was injured defending the Fort on her left leg, as a imperial sword cut downwards opening her thigh and calf. In the end she managed to pull through but she believed she was not fit for duty. so on the next reassignment to Dawnstar, she fled to Whiterun while being hunted down for fleeing. She made it safely inside the city and for the rest of her days has become a mercenary. Fighting for those who wish her to be by their side in battle. Even with her damaged leg she is still one hell of a fighter.

Hey everyone, this is my first ever mod, it's not the best but its something small that i hope to work on and make even bigger. i'm still learning how to mod so feedback is always good!
In the future I aim to make a quest based round her and have her fully voiced. I also aim to make a custom weapon and armor-set for her.