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This is a NPC redesign mod that will change many Skyrim NPCs appearance. This mod consist of 100+ redesigned NPCs, including some of Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn NPCs.

Permissions and credits
This mod consist of 100+ redesigned NPCs (see Readme section), including some of Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn NPCs.


This is a NPC redesign mod that will change (both full change or makeover only) many Skyrim NPCs appearance according to my taste. This mod based from old NPC AND FOLLOWER REDESIGN mod, I've been reworked it massively and fix some bugs too, and also added many of my own works from the scratch. I decided to share it for all, maybe some of you will like.


Primary Mod:

-Apachii's Sky Hair ---> Download the Main file, Female Standalone file, and Male Standalone file.

Don't forget to download the latest version of Apachii's Sky Hair mods (Main 1.5, Female 1.4, Male 1.2, or newer versions of them) before installing the new version 1.2 of this mod!.

Secondary Mod:

This section is optional, but recommended for the best result (as showed in screenshots). Basically my mod can work without these mods, but keep in mind too, maybe your favourite body and face mods combination will give much better result from mine.

-Dimon99's Dimonized UNP Female Body ---> Female body replacer.

-Smurf and VectorPlexus's SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim ---> Male body replacer.

-Navetsea's CBBE Skin Texture V2 V3 Plus Thepal and UNP Compatible ---> Female face and body skin texture.

-Drumber's DCE - Realistic Male Face ---> Male face skin texture.

-Urshi's Smooth Male Body - Textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of Skyrim ---> Male body skin texture.

-MrLenski's Coverkhajiits ---> Khajiit face skin texture.

-JazzJR's CoverKhajiits Bodytexture Ver1, JazzJr's CoverKhajiits Female Bodytexture ---> Khajiit body skin texture.

-JazzJR's Argonian Retexture ---> Argonian face and body skin texture.

Recommended Other Mod:

-Nevenbridge's Natural Eyes

-Winterlove's Consistent Older People

-Machienzo's Gender and Race Heights

-WolfGrimDark's The Grim and Somber ENBs ---> ENB preset which used for taking screenshots above.


1. Extract the downloaded file, copy the contents of the extracted files (meshes, textures, and .esp) to the Data folder in your Skyrim installation folder,

2. Activate the corresponding (.esp)s on your Data Files in Skyrim launcher or using Nexus Mod Manager,

3. If you are updating from an older version, please uninstall the older version entirely first, because this version (1.2) has some major changes.


1. Just delete all the files that came from this mod in the Data folder in your Skyrim installation folder (be careful when deleting files in meshes and textures folder, make sure the files whether they were originated from this mod or not),

2. For safer uninstall:
- Bring your player character to any interior area without NPC,
- Save the game, then exit the game,
- Delete all files from this mod (same as step number 1),
- Load your save, then save again (for create a new save that's clean from this mod).

From my experience, a mod like this kind will always leave some setting on the overhauled NPC, although you have followed the steps in number 2, so the safest way is leave a backup save before installing this mod.


1. This mod will be not compatible with another NPC redesign mod which modify same NPCs as mine,

2. If you using followers mods like UFO, it's better to place this mod after the followers mods in load order.

==Known Issues==

-Neck-seam possibilities may happen if you install this mod in a game's save that ever have installed another NPC redesign mod before, it's better to install this mod when you starting a new game.



-Major changes to some redesigned NPCs,
-Minor changes to many redesigned NPCs,
-Restore Jenassa as a Dark Elf, so there is no race change anymore in this mod,
-Fix some bugs from previous version.

-Fix bug where some houscarl and hireling went freak in the town,
-Fix Brelyna Maryon too bright skin for a dark elf,
-Redesign some NPCs, with newest update from Apachii Sky Hair,
-Change the required mod, as many Nexus modders continue to develop better mod,
-New Dawnguard 1.0 released,
-New Hearthfire 1.0 released,
-New Dragonborn 1.0 released.

-Initial released.


-You may improve or modify the content of this mod to suit your personal taste,
-You are not allowed to reupload this mod to another site.


Foretrenty ---> Base for this mod.
Smurf and VectorPlexus


Bethesda ---> For this great game.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English. :)