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This adds an orc blacksmith to riverwood which can be recruited as a follower and married if wanted.

Permissions and credits
This adds an orc blacksmith to riverwood which can be recruited as a follower and married if wanted.
She has a daily routine which involves working at the smithy and hanging out in the inn.

She's based upon an old character I lost the save off.


Name: Glash
Race: Orc
Hair: Red
Eyes: Yellow/Blind
Voice: Orcish Follower
Location: Riverwood
Occupation: Blacksmith
Free time: Hanging at the Inn

Primary skills: One-Handed, Heavy Armor
Secondary Skills: Block
Tertiary Skills: Two-Handed, Archery, Smithing, Sneak
Level Range: 5-100
Levels with player: Yes
Essential: Depends on the downloaded file


- ApachiiSkyHair - ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_4_Full

To attain her looks (not necessary to make it work)

*Install in this order
- XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
- Coverwomen - coverwomen look_3
- Barbarian and Milkdrinker Skin UNP and UNPB - Milkdrinker Skin
- High-Res Female Orc Skin
- 83Willows WHITER TEETH 4all - Orc Khajiit Argonian Werewolf

*Note: Pictures made with my own ENB configuration.


Either use NMM to download and install or copy the contents of the zip into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Then activate the ESP either with NMM, the launcher or some other tool.


Deactive the mod with NMM or delete the files
../Skyrim/Data/Follower - Glash.esp
../Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom/Follower - Glash.esp/00010000.NIF
../Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/facegendata/facetint/Follower - Glash.esp/00010000.dds


None currently known

Known Bugs

None currently known


Thanks to Bethesda for creating the game and Creation Kit.

Tools Used

Creation Kit - To place her ingame and give her detailed stats.
Skyrim NPC Editor - To create her face and headtint.
TesVEdit - To clean up unwanted edits and other stuff.


You can use the file however you like just remember to give credits where due.