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When I first saw Sorex Vinius, I had no idea he is Corpulus's son, so I thought about changing his appearance a bit so that he looks younger.

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Greetings, fellow Skyrim lovers! 

I have made this mod to offer you an younger looking  Sorex Vinius, the son of the "Winking Skeever" (Solitude) innkeeper, Corpulus Vinius. 


In my opinion, Sorex looks as old as his dad, so I planned to change that. I seemed a bit awkward to me. I don't particularly like Sorex's personality, because he is so materialistic, but I have tried at least to make him look younger (and a bit better hehe).

What's new about this Sorex?

I have altered his facial features a little to make it seem he looks more like a young adult. I have also changed his hairstyle, because I just LOVE Apachii's hair and it looked great on him.

What other mods have you used? I want the same look for Sorex.

First of all, I have used the latest Skyrim update. Secondly, the Apachii hair mod is a must!!! Otherwise, it is most likely that this mod isn't going to work.
Here is a link to Apachii's mod I have used: 
I have also used Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi - Variant - 2_0a
Plus this High Quality Eyes by Xenius

Are there any problems with this mod I should think about?

As far as I know, you shouldn't have any problems with it. If you find any problems leave me a message or a comment on this mod. If you would like Sorex to have no beard or just a stubble, or if you have some other requests, let me know.

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Enjoy your Sorex! ☺