Ice Terror a shouting Follower by rappinhvac
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Requires ApachiSkyHair.

Ice Terror a follower that uses Unrelenting Force shout, dual wield weapons, and ancient nord armor.
Level 10 - 150.

You need to use console comand to find her.
help terror

that will give you her item number

then type

player.placeatme (her item number here)
player.placeatme 2300032

once you type that in she will spawn next to you. Talk to her and she will follow you if asked.

the item number used in example will be different than yours.

She comes with 2 daedric frost swords, daedric frost bow and arrows, and hunting bow, you have to remove the hunting bow when she is a follower.

she can be married.

I didnt place her in a certain area in game in case you have mods that change towns.

Mods used in screenshots,
better females by bella w less makeup
cbbe curvy

made with skyrim npc editor