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A mod adding 3 companions based roughly on the brides of Dracula from Bram Stoker\'s novel. They are all female(if you didn\'t realize that when I mentioned they were brides ;)) and vampires by default.

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So I was playing as a Dracula themed character, who I named Vladimir(hence the mod's name), and I was thinking it would be pretty cool to have the three brides from Bram Stoker' book to kind of complete the whole theme. I've worked out some basic strategies for each of the three followers and hopefully made them balanced as well...all followers have either steel or iron weapons to start and basic armor. They are designed to be near the level of the player in terms of abilities and are set as protected by default.

They can be found and recruited from the Hall of the Dead in Falkreath and all use the default voice sets that came with the game. In order to recruit all of them, you will need to use a mod like EFF to get around the issue where some voiced NPCs can't become followers.(use the mind control feature)

They are a package deal, so if you want one you get them all(at least in your game, you can choose to only bring one along if you want). ;)

*Imperial Mage

*Has a heal spell and uses the armor spells and ice magic

*Has the lightfoot perk and augmented frost, resist magic

*Not skilled with armor

*Redguard Spellsword

*Has a heal spell and uses two weapons and fire magic

*Has the lightfoot perk and dual flurry, resist magic

*Skilled with heavy armor and starts with companion armor

*Nord Barbarian

*No magic(has vampire drain), uses two handed weapons

*Has the lightfoot perk and barbarian perk, resist magic

*Skilled with light armor