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Added: 27/01/2014 - 02:25AM
Updated: 25/07/2015 - 08:46AM

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Last updated at 8:46, 25 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 2:25, 27 Jan 2014

Changes the appearance of all vanilla vampires male and female (excludes Serana,Harkon, and Valerica) and adds 5 new female vampire followers. If you are fed up with ugly looking vampires, this is the mod for you.

you can find the followers at:-
RiverWood, Sleeping Giant Inn
Haemars Shame, Haemar's Cavern
Rorikstead, Frost fruit Inn
Whiterun, Drunken Huntsman
Ivarstead, Vilemyr Inn

Dawnguard DLC is required as is ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_5_Full It also needs KS hairdos, and also Apachii female 1.5 and male 1.2 installed. Use nexus mod manager of install manually by unzipping to your skyrim directory. If using any of my other mods please put this after them in your load order and overwrite any existing files. Get ApahiiSkyHair here (full 1.5 and also males 1.2 and females 1.5)
also KS hairdos required (no longer on nexus google KS Hairdos)


Should work with pretty much anything (if you follow the above instructions) including any beauty mods that globally change the appearance of your npc's.

If you get a conflict (dark Faces) when the unofficial Dawnguad Patch is installed, please use the Optional file, unofficial Dawnguad Patch dark face fix.

There is a conflict between Ethereal Elven Overhaul & my mod, Beautiful Vampires. It is solved if you load EEO before my mod. you need to let my mod overwite any existing files and have my esp towards the bottom of your load order. Some eye mods can cause dark face bug. I have tested with natural eyes with no problems.

I am using Bellas better females and Natural Eyes for my screenshots if you want to acquire the same look.

Used IN screen shots:- ApachiiSkyHair, Alyn Shir UNP Armor, UNP Body, Blacktalon Armor UNP, EC_Anka Armor Mashup with retexture, Lustmord Armor, UNP_Mashup_Compilation armor, Better Females BY Bella, KS hairdos and Natural eyes.