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Rowena Frostmoor is a companion character that my 7 year old son designed and created (with a little help from me). He wanted to make a mage princess that was blonde and cute. I think he achieved that! :)

Permissions and credits

[size= 8 ]Rowena Frostmoor -Ice Princess-

[size= 4 ]My youngest son is at it again. My seven year old designed this petite little Breton elemental ice mage (princess he calls her). Even though I helped with a little tweaking the final face design I have to give him most of the credit with this cute little companion. His intention was an Ice Princess and I think really did an outstanding job! She is located in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm and is available as a calculated level 45 or auto-level companion. She is marriageable and set non-essential and has a Staff of Ice Spears and a Glass Dagger of Frost in her inventory. She is a strong level 45 mage and has most frost and Ice related spells and perks in her inventory. Her size and weight are equal to about a woman that is about 5'2" tall and weighing around 115 pounds.

Please feel free to leave comments and upload pictures, he loves reading them and seeing what people are clothing her with! (within reason!!) :)

Alternate Hairstyle added 05-26-12

Required Files;
ApachiiSkyHair 1.2

Optional Files: To make her look like she does in my images

I used Bella's Better Females, Makeup variant 1 and No Shine (some pics) on her in combination with pretty lips by Danariel
Darker Feminine Brows by Caliente (CBBE)
Pretty Lips by Danariel

Her body in my images is CBBEv3 with Navetseas body Muscle V2 textures. (She can be used with whatever body you prefer) (GlossTech V5 "No Shine" used in some pics)

She is wearing a mashup I created of Mak's Remodeled CBBE Armor and Art of Magicka CBBE version. This was done by using the console to add the various armor pieces to her inventory. Type in console: help arms, pauldron, belt, bikini etc... (She will appear nude in your game!)

Thanks for checking out our mod and please endorse her if you like her! :)


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