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Some character presets from my personal Skyrim canon

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No one asked for them but here they are. This is a pack of several character presets of characters I play as and have some lengthy lore for. I may update the description with stories later but for now it's bland installation instructions and mod requirements.

Ter'Renar Moon & Star: As the name suggests, if you aren't familiar with TES:III Morrowind, this man is my rendition of the Nerevarine, old, frail, sickly and back from Akaviir after 200 years, not quite living up to the legends.
Race: Dunmer

Sulla Trebatius, shamed Imperial Deserter: If you recognize the name and face its because he's the imperial officer you see fighting his redguard companion just before entering Blackreach. I picked him up in my first play of skyrim as a zombie follower and have developed a bond with the silent oaf since. Mind the fireballs...
Race: Imperial

He has a nasty habit of standing a little too close for comfort, he doesn't even show respect to loading screens!

Blademaster: No one knows this old Nord's real name, just that he's highly proficient with all manner of corporeal weaponry, not a lick of magical sense though. His only goal in life is to rest easy. I made this character as my first run at a Survival character with some sort of non-dragon related goal.
Race: Nord

Rikr'Bjorn, Hircine's Prized specimen: This bear of a man is literally a bear of a man, he's a Werebear displaced from his true home in the Hunt, a willy young breton convinced him to turn his back on Hircine just long enough to breath the sweet air of Tamriel once more. Well out of his depth and time this werebear lived 1000's of years before the 200th year of the 4th Era, before humans came to Skyrim, he lived in a small tribe living on an ice sheet somewhere between Tamriel and Atmora. Similar to Blademaster I made him as a survival focused character, but with a focus on being very simplistic in arms and armor and anything else you could get with the conjunction of various survival mods. (Here's an image without the hood)
Race: Nord

The Warrior of Akatosh: His family taken by what was reported to be a dragon, this young imperial learned that his father had once been a paladin in the service of the divine Akatosh, and discovered his fathers old armor, still pristine and unblemished. He set out to Skyrim after hearing tales of dragons, seeking revenge. He slew dozens of dragons before eventually slipping up and not properly fastening his Helm one day, and a blade cleaved through his armor's divine protection and his neck. Honestly mostly an excuse to wear the armour seen in his Screenshot, he's not a particularly major character in my story but he fits well enough as a sort of tragic hero.
Race: Imperial

Yes I know the screenshots aren't great, I have a potato PC hence Potato screenshots, you are welcome and encouraged to submit your own images.

Tiberius Ara-Tharn, Nephew of the Underking: While not technically related to Jagar Tharn in any directly meaningful Manner Tiberius' family line eventually connects to the same Atmoran mage that Sired both men's families. More over Tiberius was ironically orphaned as a young child by the minions of the Underking shortly after the lich had passed away, his minions not knowing their mission was complete yet. A great many exploits would be seen from this young Breton, the least of which would be escaping from Hircine's Hunting grounds 200 years after he mysteriously disappeared from Tamriel. An adept Spellsword Tiberius is always selfless in everything he does, every action he takes is deliberate. This is, as you might have guessed from the embelishing, my main character and the centerpiece of my headcanon.
Race: Breton

Aurin the apprentice: Tiberius in his later years would take on an apprentice, an Altmer to the suprise of many, this paticular elf hated the Thalmor with a passion, and went from being a simple farm hand in Valenwood to joining the College of Winterhold under Tiberius' recommendation. Honestly, I don't have much for this guy, I started him on a whim to do a "be a peasant" playthrough of skyrim, naturally I enjoyed his appearance so much I couldn't help but embellish his character and have him become something more than he appeared.
Race: Altmer

Za'thron Ravenscar: This ill tempered, fated, and mannered Dunmer showed up in skyrim one day with no real background or history, no point to prove and no axe to grind, but despite his lack of any ties to the world he always emanated a constant seething aura of hatred for no clear reason or person. He soon joined up with the Dark Brotherhood but it was not to last, for the brotherhood was besieged from within as well as outside and ripped apart after one last memorable exploit. The only Survivors of the infamous group of assassins would be this dark soul and the Redguard known as Nazir who moved on to Highrock to setup an arena that he totally didn't rig fights in. As for the Nightmother, Za'thron was rather disgusted by the brotherhood, their practices and low recruitment standards so he set the nightmother ablaze, and sunk the coffin into the sea, some say if you look out on the sea of ghosts around Dawnstar, you can still see the fire burning deep beneathe the waves. This character was my excuse to make it through the dark brotherhood questline, and he often plays an antithises to Tiberius in many situations, as with the Dark Brotherhood questline where both outcomes of the vanilla story become true, Tiberius leads the charge to end the brotherhood, after Za'thron attempted to take his life on more than one occasion, the Brotherhood ultimately succedes at their charge of taking out the Emperor but it's Za'thron, Nazir and Babette who decide the final fate of the brotherhood. If you're wondering why I said Babette was part of the ending of the brotherhood, but not a survivor, it's because Za'thron hates vampires to no end, and in their parting took out babette, something he'd been waiting to do since he joined.
Race: Dunmer

Abigail Trabbish, Trabby for short: This mischevous little imp likes drama, sex, and fun. Not much more to tell aside from her odd appearance, her Mother was an Altmer who was enslaved by some wild goblins, and took their turns with her. Trabby was taken in by her mother who eventually escaped her captors, they lived quietly in her mother's home for a while before she succumbed to some late symptoms of the physical trauma she suffered at the hands of the goblins. Not wanted by anyone in the village Trabby set out on her own at a very young age, her life was a series of traumatic and breathtaking experiences and ultimately shaped her into a strong young woman, she came to skyrim to have fun in everyway she knew how. Her odd parentage has made her only grow to the size of a regular race's child, a feature she uses to her advantage to make mischief.
Race: Breton

Apachii SkyHair
Race Menu

Extract the zip file, and place the jslot files in the RaceMenu present folder found in your Skyrim game folder.


All characters with the Exception of Sulla Trebatius are of my own creation. Sulla belongs to Bethesda.