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Jezebel Simon, a WitchBlade companion with an accompanying short story of her life. This character was designed and created by my seven year old son. (I contributed the story to the mod at his request but it was admittedly rushed so my apologies in advance for any errors, typos or structure issues)

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(I contributed the story to the mod at my sons request but it was admittedly very rushed so my apologies in advance for any errors, typos or structure issues) FB

About: This companion is about 99.9% my 7 year old sons's creation. I opened up the NPC Editor one day last week and said have at it. I think he spent nearly 4 hours on her and when he was done I was shocked! I told him that he had made a pretty darn close likeness of Jessica Simpson and of course he being seven said "Who's that?" I showed him a few pictures on Google and he said shes pretty... lol He wants me to upload her today and I hope to get that done as requested. She is basically a Necroconjurer with Dual Flurry, pretty neat since he picked out her spells and perks too although I had to weed out about 20 she wouldn't use. ;) Oh and he picked out her first name from a list of witches names he found on the web, I thought it would be funny to give her the last name Simon.

[size= 3]Race: Nord
Voice: Female Even Toned
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 60% at the scale. If you use ADEC, UNPB or CBBE bodies with BBP she should be fine.
Height: 5'6"
Location: Riften, The Bee and Barb
Perks and Spells: Daedric Conjuring and Arch Necromancy with Dual Flurry
Inventory: She is equipped with an Ebony Dagger of Absorb Health and an Ebony Dagger of Absorb Magicka.
She is nude without armor so you can outfit her with whatever you wish
Properties: She is set non-essential or essential (depending on the version you choose) and is marriageable.

***ApachiiSkyHair 1.4 is REQUIRED!***
Note, I removed all extra Apachii hair files (nearly 100) with the TESVsnip that are created by the NPCE when making companions. She only has hair and hairline number 10 in her file as Headparts.

Optional Files: To make her look like she does in my images
I used Bella's Better Females, Makeup variant 1 on her and her No Shine (In some pictures).

Darker Neater Brows by Caliente (CBBE)

Her body in my images is CBBEv3 with Navetseas 1.8 body "Feminine Arms and Toned Abs" textures. (She can be used with whatever body you prefer)

She is wearing Tribunal robes set by Zairaam

Note: Since she is created using the NPC Editor I removed each and every extra Apachii hair file from her. There should be no extra hairs in the "showracemenu" with this mod in use.

[size= 4]Thanks for checking out my sons mod and please feel free to comment, post screenies and of course endorse her if you like her! :)


BunnyBeanz and FalmerBane[/size]