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Introducing Mathilda Fair-Heart, a Redguard found in Winterhold. She is currently employed as a hold guard but seeks something more exciting.

Permissions and credits
First Impressions

This is my first attempt @ creating a mod. Please be gentle with her

If you're looking for a follower sporting ebony armor and weapons from level 1 then this mod is not for you. She's equipped far more reservedly.
Feeling that Riverwood and Whiterun were already over-run with followers, she can be found in Winterhold and may be ideal for Alternative Starts if the Player arrives in Winterhold needing someone to assist him/her.

Back Story

Mathilda Fair-Heart has a far more humble origin. Leaving Hammerfell to seek her fame and fortune in Skyrim, she is currently in the employ of the Jarl of Winterhold as a town guard. Her active patrols only seem to encounter wolves and the opportunity to pick wild flowers and she's bored. She can be found in the Jarl's Longhouse trying to decide whether to quit as a guard. Perhaps a passing adventurer might need her help across Skyrim killing wolves and..... err... picking wild flowers!

Mages drinking in the Frozen Hearth have taught her the basics of Oakflesh and Healing Spells but she prefers reliance in her sword and shield.


Name: Mathilda Fair-Heart
Nickname: Mathy
Gender: Female
Voice Type: Female Young Eager
Race: Redguard
Location: Jarl's Longhouse, Winterhold
Primary Skills: 1-handed weapons, Block, Light Armor & Archery
Secondary Skills: 2-handed weapons, Duel-wield
Perks: Overdraw2, Critical Shot2, Shield Wall2, Power Bash, Deflect Arrows, Armsman2, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike, Bladesman2, Agile Defender, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Barbarian2, Novice Restoration
Spells: Oakflesh, Healing
Armor: Winterhold Guards Armor and Alik'r Hood.
Weapons: Scimitar x 2
Equipment: Items which might prove useful if you use Frostfall and/or iNeed. She's also just been paid!
Marriage: No


ApachiiSkyHair (without this a CTD will occur. You have been warned!)

Suggested Supporting Mods

Advanced Follower Tweaks (or other follower management mod) to manage her outfits, weapons and armor.
Mathilda will use whatever female body you have installed. She looks fine with CBBE, other body types may vary.

Known Bugs

Somehow Mathilda acts oddly when hired as a Steward. She's supposed to reply with the dialogue stating I've built a fine steading here, quit as a follower and immediately begin her steward duties. She doesn't. She says the line about the Dragonborn's fine steading but continues as a follower. She has to be dismissed as a follower manually before you can ask her to buy timber and a cow, etc.

I'm using Advanced Follower Tweaks and have no idea if this occurs with the vanilla follower functions. Neither do I know how to fix this.

Credits, Special Thanks & Honourable Mentions

Bethesda: For Skyrim and Creation Kit
DarkFox 127 - Youtube tutorials
FreshRich - Forum posts
Natilde - Standalone NPC tutorial
Apachii for wonderful hair-styles used both in this mod and in screen-shots
Ousnius and Caliente - Custom body models and textures used in screen-shots
Hoax2 - Custom Sigils DIY used in screen-shots
Killer Keo - Skimpy Armor Replacer seen in screen-shots
Chesko and Ninivekha - Belt-Fastened Quivers seen in screen-shots
Dheuster - Amazing Follower Tweaks keeping all my girls in order
Chesko - Wearable Lanterns seen in screen-shots
Lustrianna - Sovngarde Steel Armor v2 seen in screen-shots
Baldrick34 - First beta-tester