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Replaces the Hearthfire housecarl Gregor with female Gregoria.

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Sigmond's Gregor Replacer

This mod, judging from the name, replaces the NPC Gregor. Gregor is, or rather was if you install this mod, the housecarl for the Hearthfire home built in the Pale. He is replaced with a more attractive female Nord housecarl named Gregoria. (I'm not great at coming up with character name. I'm open to suggestions for a new name.)

This mod requires Hearthfire and ApachiiSkyHair. Without the first mod, you'll have no NPC to replace. Without the second mod, the replacer NPC will probably be bald.

This mod is most likely not compatible with any other mod that changes or alters the Hearthfire NPC Gregor.

There are two versions available. The main download is Gregoria and requires ApachiiSkyHair. The optional download is Georgia and only requires Hearthfire. They are identical with the exception of their hair. "Gregor replacer" is set to be ESSENTIAL, can level up to level 81 and is proficient in two-handed weapons. Also, she should change clothing when going to sleep at night. (My Hearthfire home is not properly equipped so I haven't been able to test that yet.)

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