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A complete, cleaned up dwemer city below the earth. Fully navmeshed & somewhat populated. WIP
UPDATED 6/4/2014

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 6/4/2014: Alright Version 9.5 is UP, check the changelog for Details
UPDATE 2/9/2015: Hey! I'm not dead! I'm going to release full on Version 1.0 within a few weeks!

UPDATE 5/9/2015: I'm not dead, however I'm pretty much stonewalled  in development here as I don't have the skills for some of the things that need done such as cluttering, more NPCs, custom dialogue & Voice Acting, Radiant Quest, actual quests, and Meshes/Textures for custom armor and weapons.

and here is my to-do list over all:
Radiant Quest earthquake opens the city
Quest to recruit the mage follower Kera Moondust from the tavern
Fix the Bards to work right
Make the Starmetal Armor and Blackreach Leather armors, as well as (possibly?) Starblessed Robes
Make the Court Wizard a Master of Destruction Magic(and Trainer)
Fix the Flame Atronach Steward
Add Waitresses
Increase population with servants, guards, misc. people (Population has been Increased by a good bit)
Improve Music
Give the NPC's a bit more Life (ambient Dialouge)
Add Substantial Food Sources(Underground Farms, Fish, Cows, Ect.)
Clutter the place up some

This mod is ShineRock, the City within Blackreach!
This mod is currently now in Beta, there will probably be errors
This Mod is making considerable Progress over a Short TIme! Be sure to check it out, It won't wreck your save.

Recent Changelog-
-V0.8 - Satisfactory Progress Made to release Beta
-V0.8.3 - Created the Triad Inn, Tavern, and Cornerclub, and sperated it into a seperate cell. Added the Innkeeper, and Navmeshed the Area. Added Caylyn Swift Follower, Changed Queen to Queen Howl.
-V0.8.7 - Fixed Idle Markers in the Market, added 3 Simultaneous Bards in the Triad, Added a Bartender and the Cornerclub Manager. Added Starfall Mine to mine for Custom Starmetal Ore for future Weapons and Armors. Added Guards that stand still and Guard Stuff & a pair of Guards that routinely patrol the residential Area. Added Interesting Steward(Broken)
-V0.9 - Fixed Known Navmesh Issues, Added Court Wizard, Fixed Guard wall Patrols
-V0.9.5 - Recreated many of the Navmeshes(Still working on a few more), Remodelled the residential Area and added new apartments(Empty as of right now), Fixed a few small errors, Added a Jail with Guards that are working, Talking, Standing on their post and will arrest you. Grey Head errors fixed. Attempting transition to standalone through BSA(May not work, check required mods if things get wierd) Balanced & tested Kera Moondust, works on the same rules as Marcurio for now, refined her appearence.

Apachii SkyHair ( Possibly not Required.
Cherry Race(I Think its required, not entirely sure if its reading the BSA correctly)

Clean Dwarven City, hand crafted by me.
No Rubble blocking the view of the Architecture
Working Vendors
NPC's with Daily Schedules that work and Sleep and Eat
NPC Navmeshes working fine
Little to no Clutter at the moment
New Working Follower
Custom Mine with Custom Ore

Shinerock is a Clean Dwarven city populated by a lost merchant caravan a few decades ago when they stumbled upon the entrance and discovered the city. Being down in Blackreach, and being in excellent condition, The nords took all of the old dwarven furniture, Junk(Gyro's, ect.), pipes and Automotons out of the city and sold what they could above ground.
The Dwarves built this City for the purpose of revering a Star that had fallen from the heavens to Tamriel long ago, it's impact forming the cave now known as Blackreach. This Star floats in the throne room of the Fallen Star Keep, at the heart of the city to this very day.

Need someone to Clutter the City(Barrels, Crates, Cabbages, ect.)
Need a City Banner, Shield & Custom Map Icon
Would like a Custom Weapon/Armor Mesher/Texturer to Assist by making custom Guard Armors and Custom "StarMetal" Armor and Weapons for Quest Reward/Crafting after quest complete later on.

Known Issues:
Exsisting Followers have a hard time following you to the island where the Cave entrance is. you may have to leave them behind for a bit while you are in ShineRock.
The guards move around a bit when i want them to stand still. Any advice would be appreciated.

All work was done by Me so Far
Except the Queen of ShineRock, who uses her face from the great Cherry Race Mod( and her body from the standard version of the UNP body(
Simplyclothes Underwear Replacer mod ( was used to Remove nudity from the UNP body.