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My personal mod that retouches the VANILLA bandits of Skyrim to look overall better, more outlandish and bandit-like.

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Go checkout my invasion overhaul for a much more unique and difficult Skyrim experience!

  The version currently on the Nexus is an NPC overhaul of Skyrim's VANILLA bandits. No Dawnguard or Dragonborn bandits were touched in this version, and as such, Dawnguard and Dragonborn are not required for this.

SGHairs (Google it)
KS Hairdos


1. Install with NMM.
2. Profit.

    Vanilla bandits were boring compared to all your beautiful NPCs! You're telling me there isn't a single bandit man out there who thinks he's dashing and wants to woo all the women in the world? Not a single banditwoman who thinks she's the sexiest shit in town? (well, outside of town!)  If you think the idea of such boring bandits is ridiculous, then this mod is for you!

Fluff aside, folks, this mod is my personal taste of what I'd like bandits in Skyrim to look like!

This mod edits every vanilla Bandit NPC in Skyrim.

No leveled list changes were made during this mod. This mod only changes the looks of Vanilla Skyrim Bandits, and as such, is compatible with everything. If you have a mod such as Apachii Hair on OBIS bandits, this is completely compatible.

If you have a mod that places Apachii Hair or KS Hair on bandits, this is entirely compatible, you should just place my mod below theirs and overwrite the Facegen files in your directory.

I tried to keep this mod as close to Lore-Friendly as I could while still making the bandits of Skyrim look as roguish as I could. It is entirely up to taste what "Lore-Friendly" means, anyway!

Credits for hairs used goes to KS Hairdos, Apachii Hair, and SG Hairs.

Feel free to upload images of your favorite bandits, and leave comments with suggestions!
 I would like to overhaul the warlocks, Forsworn and necromancers of Skyrim as well.

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