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Kill divine entities and stop a powerful monster from devouring the world!

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This file is OBSOLETE!!!! I have created a mod that was what I original visioned this one to be!! These mods can NOT be used at the same time, so I HIGHLY suggest you get the new one!!

Link To Asgard:

The Ancient Gods. The Forgotten Gods.
They are in Skyrim. Deep under the cold, frozen ground. Waiting for any foolish enough to challenge them.

Long ago, in the first Era there were divine beings who walked the lands of Nirn. They called themselves gods. They had amazing strength and power, like none had ever seen. These gods searched for a dark evil that they believed would destroy everything in existence; Nirn and beyond. They found this great power, and imprisoned it deep under the ground of skyrim. The gods remained with the evil beast attempting to keep it imprisoned in its tomb. Over time, these gods were completely forgotten.

Delve into a small dungeon on a quest, fight and kill gods, locate the evil they were imprisoning and stop it from devouring the entire universe!

To start the quest, speak to Bjorn Ironside in the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar. He has traveled from the island of Thule to find a hero that will save the world from impending doom!

I\'ve done my best to make this quest possible for any level character, but I highly suggest you are level 30+ before attempting this quest.

The loot is grade A. If you don\'t like \'super loot\' just don\'t take the gold from the final chest, or any of the armors. The loot chests for the gods are currently empty. I haven\'t decided what to put in them yet, but after I decide on loot fit for a god, I will fill their personal chests with amazing loots.

Odins weapon is a bit over-powered. That\'s okay. It\'s the weapon of a god. Freyja\'s armor is female only, sorry guys. Thor\'s armor is male only. and I\'m not sure about Odin\'s armor, however I THINK it is male only. However, it\'s worth a pretty penny, so if you\'re a female character, just sell it!

This is my first ever dungeon mod AND my first ever quest mod! I\'m not 100% sure if it is follower friendly, but I THINK it should be. I have a tester that is going to try the mod soon and give me feedback on all that kind of stuff. So I will update with appropriate information soon!

Apachii Hair IS required. All of the bosses use this as a masterfile. I\'m not sure what will happen without Apachii installed. It may just switch their hairs with vanilla hair, or it might crash your game. So, try it without apachii if you, or be safe and just get it. All up to you!


None yet!

The gods for inspiring this mod!
Bethesda for Skyrim & the Creation Kit.
Omesean for creating Odin\'s Beard. He also helped me A LOT through creating this mod, and is testing it for me as well!
Hothtrooper44 for Odin\'s Armor. (
Zerofrost for Gungnir (Odin\'s Spear)
Arcane51388 for \'The Great Evil\'.
aloneinshadow for Freyja\'s robes (without his mod she\'d be bald!)
OminousVoice for Thor\'s armor and weapon. (
Cyric79 for Odin\'s Crown.
ASGUARDVIKING for the norse warrior/shieldmaidens weapons and Odin\'s warrior/shieldmaiden\'s shields.
Croc for the norse warrior/shieldmaiden\'s armor.
exray catt for the Frost and Fire Giants.
If I missed anyone, I truly am sorry! Just let me know and I\'ll add you in!

Beta - First release